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RT @darlene09465021: DOJ Exonerates Clinton's Handling Of Email But Few Report It
All Things Democrat @allthingsdem
The President's jokes at WHCD are burning the Bernster. And its awsome!
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RT @ABCPolitics: .@POTUS: "If this material works well, I'm going to use it at Goldman Sachs next year." #WHCD
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@ZantiMisft I freely admit teabaggers have deeply held beliefs. Berniebots have no beliefs, no heart, no soul. They're anarchy+destruction.
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@HawaiiDelilah Hillary is baaaaad ass! I love it.
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Berniebots don't realize mainsream Dems+Americans are looking for a strong Commander in Chief. Their HRC "hawk" insult only matters to them.
All Things Democrat @allthingsdem
Best thing about primaries is confirmation there are way more mainstream Dems than far left extremists. Blogosphere misled on that for yrs.

NY Democrats Know Who They Want As President

Sanders Will Say Anything To Get Elected

is there anything he wont say

Sanders’ Ad Implies Pope Endorsement

sanders pope endorsement

Current Delegate Count

Hillary’s delegate lead as of 4/16/16, via Google/AP


And according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary’s leading in the popular vote by 2,403,659 votes! Looks like there’s no doubt the real Democrat will be the nominee.

By End Of April, Clinton Will Be The Nominee

I recently predicted Clinton would become the nominee in May. The Clinton campaign believes it will be a bit sooner:

On a conference call with reporters Monday, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist, Joel Benenson, said the former secretary of state will have expanded her delegate lead enough by the end of April to be the clear winner of the primary contest over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Benenson predicted that the upcoming Wisconsin primary, on April 5, would be close. But after that, Clinton is expecting victories in the delegate-rich states of New York on April 19 and Pennsylvania on April 26.

“The truth is, after April 26, there just simply is not enough real estate left for Sen. Sanders to close the commanding lead that we’ve built,” Benenson said. “We expect to come out of that day with a pledged and total delegate lead that will make clear who the nominee will be, and that it’s going to be Hillary Clinton.”

In any case, the majority of primaries through the next three months are closed primaries, which should end this thing pretty decisively.

Berniebots: Cult Followers Of A Dangerous, Extremist Candidate

Spend any length of time online in social media and you’ll see why the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders’ cult followers is worse than anything the radical right has written online. From Cornel West and Killer Mike to Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo, its all hate, all the time. Check out the toxic rhetoric spewing from these geniuses:

YouTube Preview Image

One genius, probably one of Sanders’ socialist advisers, actually called Hillary a “whore”. Does he know the definition? Of course not. But its the word a woman-hater would use to do maximum damage. A couple of them described her with the word “Monica”. Do they always mock a woman with the name of the “other woman”? Probably. Because they have no soul. Has America finally had enough of these entitled, pampered, socialist babies who think everything should be given to them, free? Lets hope so. The Democratic Party is the party of the “working class”, which is why Sanders and his ilk have always hated Democrats. Masquerading as a Democrat isn’t fooling anyone, except his cult followers. The best thing they’ve done for thinking Americans is put their hate speech on video. They can’t deny it, now.

Hillary for America

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U.S. Population Estimates By Age Group Favor Clinton

You would think by all of the online chatter from Berniebots that Bernie’s practically guaranteed to be the next president. After all, he has the 18-30 years age group wrapped up. And who really cares about the 30+ crowd that supports Hillary, right? The July, 2014 Census estimates show the 30+ population is roughly 3 times as large as Bernie’s core group of supporters:

18-29 years old:  53.5 million Americans

30+ years old:    145.5 million Americans

After New Hampshire (an outlier that will be basically ignored because Sanders is a senator from Vermont), primaries will move on to states with diverse populations. Bernie’s results in Iowa were based on a 92% white electorate. But Sanders has low support among African Americans and Hispanics so his share of 18-29 year old voters will be much lower than in Iowa. I believe Sanders will begin falling behind in the delegate count after New Hampshire and through February, with Clinton pulling away quickly in March and into April. By May, Sanders will be backtracking on the fantasy list and begging for more debates.

Hillary – First Woman to Win Iowa Caucuses

hillary first woman to win iowa caucus

Tim Ryan: Bernie Sanders Can’t Carry Moderate States In The General Election

Congressman Tim Ryan essentially explains what I’ve been saying for months: a Bernie Sanders nomination would create our generation’s version of “Reagan Democrats” because Sanders is a Dem-hating socialist masquerading as a Democrat (my emphasis).

Ohio is a moderate state, a swing state and a purple state – and where I come from, independent voters, moderate Republican voters and even many Democratic voters will run for the hills if our party names a self-identifying socialist as our nominee.

Conservatives would love for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to run against Bernie Sanders. John Kasich said it best in the last debate: “If Bernie Sanders were to be the Democratic nominee, Republicans would win all 50 states.” We have already seen too many Republicans elected to office at the local, state and federal levels who divide rather than unite, who speak for a few rather than the many and who hurt America’s world leadership. This election year needs to be the year that Democrats stop this trend. Our country’s future depends on it.

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate for the Democratic nomination who can preserve the progress made during the last seven years under President Obama. Hillary’s vision for the future will unite Democrats and attract independent and moderate Republican voters who want to continue to move America forward from our school boards and statehouses to the White House.

The fact is, the Democratic base votes for Democrats and supports Hillary Clinton. The very vocal people who support that lifelong Dem-hater Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have voted Democrat, anyway. Democrats need to focus on attracting more independents and moderates who share our values and actually vote. The LAST thing they should do is pander to the Sanders-supporting fringe.

Bernie Van Winkle – A Children’s Story

bernie van winkle woke from his slumber