U.S. Population Estimates By Age Group Favor Clinton

You would think by all of the online chatter from Berniebots that Bernie’s practically guaranteed to be the next president. After all, he has the 18-30 years age group wrapped up. And who really cares about the 30+ crowd that supports Hillary, right? The July, 2014 Census estimates show the 30+ population is roughly 3 times as large as Bernie’s core group of supporters:

18-29 years old:  53.5 million Americans

30+ years old:    145.5 million Americans

After New Hampshire (an outlier that will be basically ignored because Sanders is a senator from Vermont), primaries will move on to states with diverse populations. Bernie’s results in Iowa were based on a 92% white electorate. But Sanders has low support among African Americans and Hispanics so his share of 18-29 year old voters will be much lower than in Iowa. I believe Sanders will begin falling behind in the delegate count after New Hampshire and through February, with Clinton pulling away quickly in March and into April. By May, Sanders will be backtracking on the fantasy list and begging for more debates.

Hillary – First Woman to Win Iowa Caucuses

hillary first woman to win iowa caucus

Tim Ryan: Bernie Sanders Can’t Carry Moderate States In The General Election

Congressman Tim Ryan essentially explains what I’ve been saying for months: a Bernie Sanders nomination would create our generation’s version of “Reagan Democrats” because Sanders is a Dem-hating socialist masquerading as a Democrat (my emphasis).

Ohio is a moderate state, a swing state and a purple state – and where I come from, independent voters, moderate Republican voters and even many Democratic voters will run for the hills if our party names a self-identifying socialist as our nominee.

Conservatives would love for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to run against Bernie Sanders. John Kasich said it best in the last debate: “If Bernie Sanders were to be the Democratic nominee, Republicans would win all 50 states.” We have already seen too many Republicans elected to office at the local, state and federal levels who divide rather than unite, who speak for a few rather than the many and who hurt America’s world leadership. This election year needs to be the year that Democrats stop this trend. Our country’s future depends on it.

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate for the Democratic nomination who can preserve the progress made during the last seven years under President Obama. Hillary’s vision for the future will unite Democrats and attract independent and moderate Republican voters who want to continue to move America forward from our school boards and statehouses to the White House.

The fact is, the Democratic base votes for Democrats and supports Hillary Clinton. The very vocal people who support that lifelong Dem-hater Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have voted Democrat, anyway. Democrats need to focus on attracting more independents and moderates who share our values and actually vote. The LAST thing they should do is pander to the Sanders-supporting fringe.

Bernie Van Winkle – A Children’s Story

bernie van winkle woke from his slumber

Sanders Will Do Anything To Win

Bernie Sanders is a con artist, pretending to be a Democrat after a lifelong career of trashing Democrats. It appears his surrogates have followed his lead and are doing some conning of their own. Sanders’ campaign operatives recently masqueraded as union members to gain access to the employee areas of some Las Vegas strip casinos to badger them into voting for Sanders in the upcoming Nevada caucus. Now, AARP has released a statement saying the Sanders campaign sent out flyers using their logos to lead voters to believe Sanders has the support of AARP. The non-partisan organization had something to say about that:

Sanders and his BernieBros are con men who can’t be trusted. They have the lefty fringe fooled. DON’T BE FOOLED!

The Democratic Ticket

clinton o'malley 2016

Bernie Sanders: Hypocritical Opportunist

Bernie Sanders Hypocritical Opportunist

Bernie Sanders: The Definition of a DINO

Today I received the dumbest email I’ve seen since starting this blog in 2006.

Please remove your ad for Hillary 2016.  She is a DINO.  OR, put up ads for the other two candidates:  Bernie and Martin.

Hillary is wrong for America.  And why is alltingsdemocrat endorsing just the one candidate?  Isn’t this a site for ALL democrats?

First off, I don’t take orders from whoever-the-hell sends me random emails. This is a personal blog and I decide the content and the candidate I endorse. There are only two Democrats left in the race: Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley. Clinton is clearly the best choice. O’Malley is a good second choice but he has virtually no chance based on his single digit support. However, he should certainly be on Hillary’s short list for VP.

Second, the acronym DINO stands for Democrat in Name, Only. Bernie Sanders is the literal definition of a DINO. Sanders is a lifelong independent who spent his career trashing Democrats. He had no use for us until he decided his only chance to be competitive in a presidential run was to run as a Democrat. That makes him a hypocritical opportunist. Those two words from his past are coming back to haunt him. Lets look at some of Bernie Sanders’ quotes from his Democrat-bashing days (my emphasis):

  • “It would be hypocritical of me to run as a Democrat because of the things I have said about the party.”
  • “The Democratic Party is ideologically bankrupt, they have no ideology. Their ideology is opportunism.”
  • “The Democratic and Republican parties are tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, they both adhere to an ideology of greed and vulgarity.”
  • Why should we work within the Democratic Party if we don’t agree with anything the Democratic Party says?”
  • “I am extremely proud to be an independent. The fact that I am not a Democrat gives me the freedom to speak out on the floor of the House, to vote against both the Democratic and Republican proposals.”

Three months ago, Sanders said, “I am running in the Democratic primary process. I am now a Democrat.” NOW. Not ever before, now. Bernie Sanders is an independent masquerading as a Democrat to get ahead in politics. When he loses, he’ll go back to being an independent and back to trashing Democrats. Much like Ralph Nader’s presidential runs, Sanders is a misanthrope playing the spoiler. Those in the far left fringe who call themselves “liberal” or “progressive” but have no loyalty to Democrats are simply enabling the dangerous candidacies of people like Nader and Sanders. To a large extent, its done out of spite. Its the kind of malicious sabotage that gave us two terms of George W Bush, that could have lost the White House for Democrats in 2012 when Sanders wanted to have Obama primaried, and it just may put another Republican in the White House for the next four to eight years. The Democratic base has the choice of attracting more moderates and centrists or pandering to the fringe. Allowing the fringe to bully Democrats into ignoring their own beliefs and taking positions so far to the left that they make themselves UN-electable is a dangerous and stupid strategy.

As for the second part of the email:

Isn’t this a site for ALL democrats?

This site was created to support Democrats, not for the lunatic ranting of Berniebots who get off on Hillary bashing with GOP talking points. Do I support all Democrats? No. I don’t support DINO Joe Liebermann. I don’t support DINO Jim Webb. I don’t support DINO Joe Manchin. And I sure as hell don’t support DINO Bernie Sanders, lifelong independent who spent years trashing Democrats until he wanted something from us. I vote for Democrats. REAL Democrats. PRAGMATIC Democrats. Democrats who have been paying attention for the past 7 years and know that not one item in Sanders’ fringe fantasy wish list will ever be approved by members of Congress, on either side of the aisle.

Hillary Clinton is my first choice. Martin O’Malley is a good VP choice. That’s where the choices end.

Hillary: I’m With Obama On Gun Control

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Celebrate American Diplomacy, 15 Freed Hostages Return Home!

freed hostage

The Obama Administration, please take an extended bow for actualizing stellar diplomacy to free five Americans and ten US military personnel from Iran’s detention. “We the people” voted, in two elections, to solve difficult foreign quagmires utilizing negotiations instead of rolling out tanks and sacrificing soldiers. Forty years ago, today’s anguish was fueled by military aggression. Both nations walked this path down the years to our current enmity. Only our willingness to envision compromise, that began with last summer’s nuclear deal, is it possible for our sisters and brother to return home.

Remember, this glorious celebration of freedom won, is unilaterally attributed to the support from the Democratic party. Republican politicians along with their 2016 candidates allied with Islamic Republic’s military and theocratic hardliners opposing the 36 year thaw engendered in the spirit of the Iran deal. Undermining US foreign policy, floats dubious ally, Israel, consistently subverting our national interests and purchasing GOP American senators. Worst, unrepentant conservatives vigorously assert their preference to military action, at the expense of American causalities rather than cede credence to Obama Administration officials. And cowardly buffoons, Rubio and draft-dodger Trump, delude themselves into perceiving their cantankerous whining  is substantive beyond noise pollution and inflaming the situation.

The faux patriotism from the right is again a stark contradiction predicated on partisan politics and the hatred of the 44th President. We witness the repeated obsession disavowing Mr. Obama and ALL the amazing achievements the administration proffers. It is a sickness contrasting the difference between progressive determination butting against ill conservative inaction. No, the parties are not alike, and their similarities intersect at sharing the same geography. Democrats, liberals want to improve the quality of all our realities. From their side chair pusillanimity, the GOP boasts an unconscionable willingness of sacrificing others while skirting the same sacrifices and rules. They’re drowned in demagogy and ignorantly woeful to celebrate the benefits of peace.

On the holiday celebrating Dr. King’s legacy, I am filled with joy over the liberation of the freed hostages. Shameful, blatantly missing are the accolades, multitudes of media vaulting the tactical skill and eagerness of the American government to move forward. Diplomacy, cooperation, espoused by an Atlanta preacher, praised and followed by a generation, brought them home. Thank goodness for common sense & human decency.

Don’t Count Out This Lame Duck

Fox and Friends Allows GOP Women to Spew Right-Wing Propaganda

On a segment that would make The Onion envious, Fox and Friends brought on a group of women to speak about women’s issues. Of course, every answer happened to be Republican talking points. The resulting propaganda comes off as comical because it seems like a parody of Fox News and the Republicans trying to address women’s issues. Unfortunately, it’s a serious bit, and Fox viewers believe it, so it’s not as funny as it should be.

Fox and Friends also just so happened to forget disclosing that one of the lawmakers, Sandra Smith, helps run Women2Women, which describes itself as a conservative advocacy group.

After tonight’s State of the Union, be wary of the Republican rebuttal that will come from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. She’s probably best known for handling the Confederate Flag controversy that became a national point of focus following the Charleston church massacre. She’s a woman and part Indian, but don’t let that appearance fool you. She’ll still spout the same dangerous and callous right-wing talking points in which the rest of the Republicans believe. It’s not any more convincing than their poverty forum or allowing a woman to attack Cecile Richards during the Planned Parenthood Congressional hearings. There’s also very early speculation that she could be a vice presidential nominee, so that rebuttal tonight could be important.

An update on a related note, it appears that Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan will bring Kim Davis to the State of the Union. The Republicans seem to think outreach means having a lawmaker who aggressively and baselessly attacks Planned Parenthood bring a cherry-picking religious bigot in Davis. Barack Obama leaves a seat open in honor and memory of gun control victims, and Johnson brings a woman who thinks it’s her duty to carry out what she believes is G-d’s will to discriminate against homosexual couples that want to marry.