Robin Hood Remedies

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In the debt ceiling fight, the message from the rich and radical right is “I’ve got mine, I’ll get yours, too!” They’re demanding trillions in cuts to programs for struggling Americans in the weakest economy since the Great Depression. But they refuse to give-up even one penny of the generous tax breaks they received over the past decade in order to reduce our debt. Today, they flaunt their record profits, record bonuses, record CEO pay. And soon, the most vulnerable Americans will be thrown out of critical programs like food stamps and medicaid.

The rich and radical right should expect consequences for their brutal assault on struggling Americans. They’ve prepared for voter outrage to the union-busting measures of Republican-led states by passing measures suppressing voter turnout. But they’re underestimating the impact of cutting essential programs Robin Hood Remediesfor the poor. Desperate people will do desperate things. And most parents would literally kill for their children. The Tea Party’s Sharon Angle infamously coined the phrase “second amendment remedies” in the 2010 election. In this case, desperately poor Americans will be forced into considering “Robin Hood Remedies” (robbing the rich to pay the poor) before they’ll allow their children to go without food or a life-saving medical procedure.

There’s a trade-off for everything. For now, the rich and radical right will retain their tax breaks and add to their enormous stacks of money. But they’ll likely spend that amount and more on increased security, kidnap ransoms, building more courts and prisons, and other consequences of the desperate times they’re about to create through their heartless cuts in programs for poor Americans. They may believe they’re creating a better America for their children and others in their economic class, but they’re also creating millions of desperately poor Americans who will do what it takes to survive.

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