Cheese with that whine

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The whining of the wealthy over being asked to finally pay their fair share has become so laughable its more like a skit on the Daily Show than reality.

Wealthy corporations spent the past 10 years eliminating employee benefits, cutting pay, then ultimately shipping jobs overseas to be worked at slave wages. Over 50,000 factories were sent overseas during the Bush years. Corporations reaped the rewards with the highest corporate profits in history. The wealthy enjoyed the largest tax breaks in history, and under their conservative president and congress, they started two wars that didn’t cost them a dime. Wealthy conservatives on Wall Street gambled with our home mortgages and destroyed the wealth of a generation of the working-class. Its literally been the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” for them while the working-class has been devastated.

And now that the working-class demands they pay the fair share they avoided for a decade, they cry “class warfare”, “don’t hate the rich”, and this one kills me – “class envy”. The term envy implies an emotional problem with the working-class victims of the corporate scoundrels. The right-winger who came up with that term did not do their cause any favors.

The wealthy should consider themselves lucky. In some countries, they would all be locked-up and their assets would be seized. Personally, I fantasize about a widespread outbreak of Robin Hood Remedies – robbing the rich to pay the poor. Lucky for the rich, one of the few things they haven’t taken from us is our system of law and order.

Dems have done a good job staying on message. But Dems must find a way to stop the voter suppression efforts in GOP-led states and win back control of the House to have a chance at making the pampered upper-class pay their fair share.

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  • WiseFather

    Something is missing in all the talk about class warfare. The ubiquitous class structure labels (lower, middle, upper) are losing their usefulness (especially considering the incredible shrinking middle class) for helping us understand our economic differences and conflicts. I suggest we try these class categories: Dependent, Working, Rich, Crazy Rich. Right now the Crazy Rich are causing a lot of damage to our economy. I explain further at