Hannity’s Conservative Clowning Around

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Sean Hannity is choosing ideology over Democracy. Is that the right message?

If anyone submits themselves to the torture of listening to Sean Hannity’s radio show as I do on a regular basis, you might be aware of his insistent retort any time someone “mistakenly” refers to him as a Republican. It goes a little something like this:

I’m not a Republican. I am a registered Conservative.

Aww, isn’t that so …maverick of him?

One of the other things Mr. Hannity insists on is that – right now – he’s still not backing a single horse in the race; he’s holding out to see where it goes. This is, as one might recognize, a total cop-out to make sure he’s both not looking stupid and following the Fox playbook.

What no one seems to mention, though, is that it doesn’t matter which Republican he decides to back, he cannot vote for them.

Sean Hannity, if he tells the truth, is registered with the Conservative Party USA dedicated to “true” conservative values, ending corruption, and a bunch of other things no politician will ever go for. And it’s great for upping some Tea Party cred. But there are NO candidates running in the Conservative Party.

So Sean Hannity, registered in the Conservative Party, will, like someone who is a registered Independent, be unable to vote in the Republican or Democratic primaries; he will be unable to back his eventual “support” with an actual vote.

What kind of message does that send?


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  • Doug Marquardt

    Hannity (spit up a little in my mouth when I say the name) is one of those fake independent conservatives, much like the fake independents who love repukes and hate Dems, or those every-man-for-himself libertarians. He thinks his fake independence earns him some sort of respect; someone others should pander to, to earn his precious vote.

    You're a dick, Hannity. And you can't even vote in the GOP primary? What a fraud.