NOW with Alex Wagner

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MSNBC has made a great move signing Alex Wagner for a new, weekday hour of politics that started today at 12 noon ET. As one of the daytime political junkies tuned into MSNBC, I’ve watched Alex and other MSNBC contributors and wondered when the network would recognize talent and make an offer, as they did with Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. They made another good move recently when they signed Chris Hayes for the weekend gig, “Up, with Chris Hayes”.

But who comes up with those strange show names? “NOW”? “Up”?

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  • Ann Williams

    Please don't book S.E. Cupp again. She is loud and tries to dominate the conversation. You could tell by the others on the panel of NOW that she was annoying and annoyed the audience. Conservative guests are OK but not a blowhard like her!

  • David Smith

    Couldn't agree more about Cupp….obnoxious, aggressive, rude, nonsensical, etc.

  • JayFrancis12345

    I really like the Alex Wagner show when smart guests are aboard but the stripper schoolgirl on today's show (Friday) adds nothing of substance to the conversation when all she does is oppose everything Obama and everything OccupyWallstreet. I get it, all shows have to have a ying to a yang but if the schoolgirl in the dorky glasses wants to be taken seriously talking politics, she has to start dressing like an adult. But still, she's still kind of hot. Alex, let me know what club she's stripping at next! LOL. Otherwise get rid of her. Please!!! Jay

  • Shawn

    Just wanted to say i love the show, but s.e. cupp is absolutely rediculous and I see from the other post on here that im not the only one who thinks this. I dont think i have to state the reasons i think she is rediculous, because the other posts have already stated them, but if she likes to be loud, annoying, and a liar you can let her know that fox n friends is across the street. Her bs might fly over there were they eat gop lies up like theyre goin outta style. I understand its good to have a republican counterpoint, but im pretty sure you can find someone or somthing better than her, because i believe a rock could have provided a better counterpoint. Love the show, but if i see her again ill be changing the channel. Sorry.

  • Bonnie Siddons

    I've always respected Alex and was excited to hear she got her own show. I've been watching this week and haven't been disappointed. However, I hope she heeds the comments above. I also found her guest, SE Cupp, completely obnoxious. I can stomach some republican banter for the sake of hearing both sides, but she has a twisted interpretation of the facts. There are lots of republicans who are less abrasive and won't dominate the conversation if you want a conservative opinion. I will continue tuning in as long as Cupp isn't on the panel. Good work Alex!

  • Kit Barth

    It is almost impossible to whatch the show. There are too many people with too many opinions, and everyone is talking at the same damn time. It just sounds like jibberish noise.

  • Doug Marquardt

    Yeah, I have to agree with everyone. I was initially excited, but after the first couple shows I found myself turning channels 5 minutes into the show. I tune into MSNBC because I want to hear the latest political news without the hate-filled rhetoric from the radical right. I get that from Maddow, O'Donnell, and Schultz. Don't think much of the "lets all argue over the top of each other" format in NOW.

    And yes, as soon as I see the strange face of SE Cupp, I turn channels. She's useless.

  • G. Johnson

    I agree with Kit Barth. I like the show but you allow every to talk at the same time. You must get control of your guest.