Preventing Election Fraud

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We are one week from Election Day, November 8th.

This post will help prepare you to watch for fraud and irregularities on Election Day. We cannot allow another election to go to the Republicans because of their dirty tricks! Please email this post to your Dem family members, friends and coworkers.

First of all, I’m recommending that all Dems go to their polling place prepared to act, if necessary. Put these items in your pocket so you’re able to document any offense:

  • a small digital camera or disposable camera
  • a small notepad and a pen

Take notes, take pictures, whatever it takes to prove election fraud.

When you arrive at your polling place, be alert.  Observe the activities in the parking lot and outside of the polling place – is there campaigning or intimidation going on within the posted allowed distance (see next paragraph)?  Is anyone telling voters they are at the wrong place, or that it’s the wrong date?

Know the basics of election law. Each state has it’s own election laws that pertain to lawful behavior of voters and election officials at the polling place.  These are a few of the important laws for my home state of Arizona, provided online by the Arizona State Legislature (your state’s laws should be very similar, and you should be able to find them online):

  • Polling hours must be posted. An election official must begin announcing the closing of the polls at one hour before, followed by regular intervals. Any qualified voter who is in line at the time of closing will still be allowed to vote.
  • It’s a class 5 felony to interfere with the duties of an election officer.
  • It’s a class 1 misdemeanor to directly or indirectly intimidate or compel a person to vote a certain way (including verbal intimidation), or to impede, prevent or interfere with a person’s free exercise to vote.
  • It’s a class 2 misdemeanor to interfere with a voter or perform any endeavor to induce a vote for or against a candidate or issue (no campaigning, no wearing campaign merchandise) inside the polling place, or within a 75 foot radius of the polling place or within 75 feet of the main entrance (note: signs must be posted in different directions indicating the 75 foot radius).
  • A voter is not allowed to take more than 5 minutes in a booth to cast their vote. Persons taking too long may be intentionally trying to prevent others from voting by making them wait in line too long. They must be removed from the booth by election officials and instructed to wait until there is a free both with no one waiting.

This is probably common sense, but if your state uses ballots that are scanned, make sure you wait until you’ve witnessed your ballot being successfully scanned.

If you witness any questionable or unlawful acts, you MUST immediately notify any election official in the polling place and INSIST that they immediately stop the offense. If the election official is not willing or able to stop the offender, call the police. The offenders are not only attempting to steal the election, they are breaking your state’s laws.

When you leave the polling place, be alert to unlawful activities outside the building. Once again, there should be no campaigning, verbal or physical intimidation, or other unlawful activities within the posted allowed distance of the polling place.  If necessary, take the extra time to go back into the polling place and inform an election official.

And finally, the DNC’s current, toll free number (as of 11/1/11) to report voter fraud is 1-888-DEM-VOTE. Even if you are satisfied with the corrective actions of an election official, you MUST call the voter fraud line. The DNC will follow-up and ensure that everything was done correctly and all votes were counted.

With a little effort, we can reduce the chances of another stolen election. Don’t forget to alert your family, friends and coworkers.

Feel free to add additional suggestions in the comments, things we should watch for, etc…

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