Ready Ohio? Issue 1, 2, 3: NO!

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[Editor’s note: This post applies to the 2011 election, NOT the 2012 election]

Even if you don’t live in Ohio, you’ve most certainly heard of the rampant Republican fraud taking place in our state. The biggest item of note was Gov. Kasich signing SB5, a bill that is nothing more than a union-busting bill that strips collective bargaining from all public unions, including those of police and fire departments.  After the people became aware of the shady underbelly of our elected officials, they said “hells naw!” and collected 4x the needed signatures to turn SB5 into Issue 2 on tomorrow’s ballot.

And in a last gasp attempt at further deconstructing the Democratic voting base, malicious fraud and Secretary of State, John Husted suddenly suspended early voting, as Doug alerted us to yesterday.

But as you may not know, Ohio has a couple more issues to deal with tomorrow. Let’s take a quick romp through the three ways Ohio’s Republican do-nothing party is twisting up the ballot.

Issue 1

Issue 1 is a change to the Ohio State Constitution to make sure an old judge in Lake County has a job next election round.  Technically, it raises the age of elected or appointed judges from 70 to 75.

And I’m not joking about that judge:

Lake County Common Pleas Judge Joe Gibson, who at the age of 69 stated about the next election for his position: “That’s three years away. I don’t know what I would do. I would appreciate it being an option [to run] though. There’s no question 70 is too arbitrary an age. I think as you sit on the bench, age is your friend rather than your enemy. As you grow older, you have more life experiences, more personal experiences. You have more to base your opinions on. You see with more clarity the perils and pitfalls of life. To say you lose that after a certain age, I don’t think that’s fair.”

But why would we want to change our constitution for one guy? Why would we allow people entrusted with some of the most important decisions our state can make work well past a reasonable retirement date? Because it’s kinda not fair and life should be fair and if it’s not that’s poopy?

No. Because doing so points directly at a heavy imbalanced majority of Republicans in judiciary roles throughout the state – including Ohio’s Supreme Court.


Issue 2

I won’t waste everyone’s time on this one – we’ve already covered the basics.

Issue 2 is demonstrative of what Republican power across the country is doing; they all campaigned on saving money and creating jobs and as soon as they got into office the only focus became busting unions, disenfranchising poor & minority voters, and banning abortions.  Totally the same thing, I know.

Issue 2 is centerpiece of consolidation of Republican power in the state of Ohio. It is not about jobs, it is not about job security, it is not about budget management. It is about ONE thing: reducing Democratic influence in the Republican drive for power, control, and turning our country into a Corporatocracy. I’d prefer not seeing Obama get re-elected to stay another four years in The Wells Fargo White House.


Issue 3

This one’s pretty straightforward: It’s Kasich’s Anti-Obamacare initiative and it’s a bunch of BS.  However, there is something pretty important to address on this one, and that is the language.  Originally, the ballot language simply stated:

Issue 3
Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Proposed by Initiative PetitionTo adopt Section 21 of Article I of the Constitution of the State of Ohio

Not so bad – but maybe a little non-descript. Perhaps, the Secretary of State thought, we should make it more directly biased towards our aim. The actual ballot in Ohio for Issue 3 will now have the following in the header of the issue:


Because if anyone has any question about the vague language  of the actual initiative, they can now just look up to those bolded words and understand a NO vote means they hate freedom.



We’ve got our work cut out for us in Ohio, but I have a good feeling about the realizations people are making on the true and insidious intentions of our legislature. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.  Of course, if you live in Ohio, 1-2-3-NO!  And if you know someone in Ohio, pass it along.

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    [Editor's comments added for fun]

    When I was young my grandfather taught me about leadership. My family was a working class family with good values. Work hard, be honest, be accountable and responsible. If you make a mistake dont hide it or blame it on someone else, OWN it and accept responsibility. The 3 leadership rules I was given by my grandfather were as follows. 1.) LEAD BY EXAMPLE. 2.) NEVER ask anyone to do something that you havent done or are not willing to do yourself. 3.) Be FAIR and HONEST and treat everyone equally and with respect. Our elected officials on both sides tell everyone I'm just like you which is a dishonest. In todays political world regardless of party affiliation [pathetic false equivalence] all you have to do is follow the money, which is sad. Our state elected officials as well as our federal government elected officials should take a course on LEADERSHIP. The hardest thing for a human being to do regardless of race, religion, sex, or party affiliation is to be HONEST with themselves, to put themselves in someone elses shoes. This once great nation and this once great state has been hijacked by greedy politicians that dont give a damn about the guy down the street until they want something from him, and this is why we are imploding. IF WE COULD JUST BE HONEST which is asking way too much to ask from any elected official. We teach our children to BE HONEST, WORK HARD, TELL THE TRUTH. Why can't our elected officials do the same, LEAD BY EXAMPLE and set an example for the youth of this country and Oh by the way grow some balls and protect this once great state and nation from illegal immigration [another racist GOP rant]. I know that Portsmouth Ohio is full of illegal immigrants and there are local companies around the Portsmouth area that "Illegal immigrants"make up the vast majority of the work force [ridiculous hyperbole]. Give Taylor Lumber company an unannounced visit and you will see for yourselves [slander – fyi: we capture the IP address of commentators… be smart]. I love my state as well as my country but I dont like them very well because of there [should be 'their'] actions or there lack of. Thank you

    [something wrong with your apostrophe key? you missed 6 times]

  • mike

    Voted yes on 2 and yes on 3 and God Bless the GOP

  • Doug Marquardt

    Looks like 'mike' wasted his vote.