Rough Day in Ohio for Romney

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Now, I’ve never been a political candidate myself, but with having experience working around and for politicians, I can say that it is a wise idea to vocally support the political action that is happening at the state, city, town, etc that you are campaigning at.  

Perhaps Mitt Romney was not aware of this.  After stopping by a call center in Ohio that was advocating for voters to support ending collective bargaining rights for unions in the state, as well as a separate measure that would keep the state out of health care exchanges.

When asked how he felt about the issues, Romney said, well, nothing.

“I am not speaking about the particular ballot issues,” said Romney. “Those are up to the people of Ohio. But I certainly support the efforts of the governor to reign in the scale of government. I am not terribly familiar with the two ballot initiatives. But I am certainly supportive of the Republican Party’s efforts here.”

WHAT?!  Needless to say, the GOP wasn’t particularly excited by the “support.”   Conservative leaders instantly lined up to pummel Romney over his comments.  He’s against a flat tax, now he’s for it.  He says he’s against ObamaCare, but was for the individual mandate and susbidies that are central to ObamaCare. He thinks that collective bargaining issues should be left for states to decide if he’s Ohio, but he took the opposite position when he was in New Hampshire. This is just another statement in a long line of statements that will raise more doubts about what kind of President Mitt Romney would be in the minds of many Republican primary voters.

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