Democrats are job creators, Republicans are job shippers

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New jobs are created and existing jobs are saved based on demand for products and services. Without demand, any workers hired by the so-called “job creators” would have nothing to do and would be layed-off or fired. As former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has said, the majority of  job creation comes from the middle-class through its consumption. Democratic tax policy that favors the middle-class gives them the discretionary income required to create demand. In addition to that, Democratic support for education, housing, unemployment benefits, child care and nutrition assistance gives the working-class and poor more discretionary income to create more demand. Democrats support policies that increase demand for the majority of Americans and, therefore, Democrats are most responsible for creating jobs.

anti-suicide nets for Chinese worker dormitoriesDemocrats work to save American jobs while Republicans work to destroy American jobs. The majority of today’s jobs created by Republicans are actually created overseas, predominately in China and India. According to a 2011 article by the conservative Wall Street Journal, U.S. Commerce Department data shows that companies cut their work forces in the U.S. by 2.9 million during the 2000s while increasing employment overseas by 2.4 million. Its a race to the bottom; to the lowest possible wages in the worst possible conditions. As I reported on earlier, much of the work is done by child labor or slave labor. Conditions are so bad in some locations that workers were committing suicide, so authorities have strung-up nets around worker dormitories to catch jumpers. Republicans alone are responsible for shipping jobs overseas to be worked at extremely low wages, or no wages, under inhumane conditions.

Republicans, the self-labeled “job creators”, are primarily job “shippers”.

Its time to change labels, and tax policy, to reflect the facts. Democrats are job creators. Republicans are job shippers.

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  • I have a blurb on my blog on a similar topic, and I'm going to link to this article. I'm so, so tired of this "job creator" b.s. from the Republicans.

  • Tim F

    if you dont get a tv station to start fighting fox you think its bad now . you are slowing losing the good fight by the uneducated and brainwashed poor yet them are what kept you in power before if you dont get a station a new station to fight fox the balance of power is really gonna get bad .I warned you i can see the future ,also you might want to look into scott walker to see if he is related to george bush since i saw a movie that he might be related to george herbert walker uncle of bush .i live in wisconsin this recall win was was a joke i never saw so many lies by a person just to win .he made false facts and untrue figures it is really bad and people believed scott walker i think im gonna puke people are so stupid . people making 20,000 a year voting for this guy . thanks fox news . and lies and 30 million in bribe money .

  • Yikes.

  • Jason LaQua

    What do you believe is the biggest expense to bringing a gallon of milk to the consumer?