2012 Political Red Herrings

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Steve Kornacki at Salon lists the top five political red herrings of 2012 – things that will get attention but will never happen.

1. Hillary Clinton will replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket in 2012 in an effort to motivate the party’s base. The move would also be a way to anoint Hillary as Obama’s successor for 2016.
[agreed, will never happen]

2. Chris Christie, as a GOP running mate.
[actually, I disagree with this one. he’ll be romney’s running mate.]

3. Donald Trump, who flirted with a bid for the Republican nomination earlier this year, will mount a third-party bid for president in 2012.
[disagree, again. the trump-ster is like palin; when the media stops focusing on him for too long, he’ll stick his ugly mug back in the picture.]

4. Tea Party Republicans, dejected by their party’s selection of Mitt Romney as its presidential nominee, end up sitting out the general election, allowing Barack Obama to win a second term.
[strongly disagree. the tea party will vote for a ham sandwich before they’d let that ‘black man’ (you know they’re thinking of another word) back in the white house.]

5. The president will finally endorse same-sex marriage.
[sadly, agreed.]

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