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I wanted to share this page with all of you. If you have not been to this site yet, there are a bunch of links on this page that maybe helpful. Make sure to review and scroll the entire page. I found Attack Watch a particularly interesting part of the campaign.  I have not seen any ads produced by American Crossroads.  Their strategy is to scare people and you can see all the SuperPac’s at Open Secrets.  Many interesting things about that site.  They’re going to waste a lot of money I could use to transform the lives homeless people here in Nevada.

What impresses me at Open Secrets (see Doug’s post) is small donors, less than $200, have increased 13.2 million over 2009 to the Democrats. To me this says, the average guy is paying attention and has got the message about big banks getting welfare money and using it to pay bonuses.  These people will vote.

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