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Update: PoliticusUSA lists the top 5 Democrats supporting SOPA/PIPA and, yes, you should contact them and voice your opinion. All Things Democrat supports Democratic ideals and principles – when Dems stray from these ideals and principles, they need to be pressured into doing the right thing. The Dems are:

Al Franken
Sherrod Brown
Claire McCaskill
Jeanne Shaheen
Bill Nelson

Visit PoliticusUSA for details on why they may be supporting SOPA/PIPA and contact information.


Help sites like All Things Democrat fight to keep all speech on the internet FREE.

Corporations and politicians are working to seize control of the internet and shut-down sites like this one with the SOPA and PIPA bills. gives us the background:

SOPA and PIPA would wreak havoc on the technical infrastructure of the Internet, and threaten thousands of Internet businesses which are truly creating jobs.

More importantly, these bills would give big corporations and the Attorney General the power to shut down websites large and small that somehow link to copyright violators, whether through their own posts or even visitor comments.

How on earth can a website – ours included – monitor thousands or millions of links that accumulate over the years? And why should a single link be sufficient to shut down a website or force a bankrupting legal battle with a giant corporation?

No corporation should have that power. And no Attorney General should either – just think of Alberto Gonzales, who abused his vast powers by authorizing torture and warrantless wiretaps, then lied to Congress about it.

Websites large and small are fighting SOPA/PIPA, including Wikipedia and Google. Some are even going black for a day of protest.

President Obama opposes “legislation that reduces freedom of expression” and urged Congress to pass a bill that narrowly and carefully targets foreign piracy.

We’ll reserve judgment on any future “compromise” bill. For now, we must tell Congress loud and clear:

Stop the Corporate Takeover of the Internet.

Sign the petition against SOPA and PIPA to keep the internet free.

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