Update on Republican 2012 Race For Psychopath in Chief

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Yet another video from  Rick Santorum’s ignorance parade is making its way around the web. In this one, he attempts to enlighten us on how a pregnancy resulting from rape is actually a “gift from God”.

Now I’m a totally non-violent person; but in the case of Rick Santorum I have to admit, I have fantasized about twisting this pasty-faced little eunuch’s head off.

There is actually a clinical word for people like Santorum; they’re called psychopaths. According to Kelly McAleer, Psy.D.,

“Research suggests that, “psychopaths are a stable proportion of any population, can be from any segment of society…and that the muting of the social emotions is the proximate mechanism that enables psychopaths to pursue their self-centered goals without feeling the pangs of guilt.”

In a perfect world we could weed out the psychopaths from political contention, (and thus permanently eliminate the Republican Party); but since that’s not going to happen, I’m suggesting a personal fact-finding mission for Rick Santorum:

You go spend twenty four hours with the biggest guy on Cell Block D, and if and when you come out, then we’ll talk about what a rape victim “should” do.

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  • I am not a violent person either, but in HIS case, I'll gladly make an exception.

    Not only would I like to SEE you twist this "pasty little eunuch's head off", I'd like to participate.

    No one, except rape victims, can possibly know (or offer any credible substance) to the abortion in cases of rape, argument. A gift from GOD? A gift from GOD is NOT TO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF RAPE IN THE FIRST PLACE. GOD D&%* IDIOT, Santorum. Have you heard the phrase "Victim of Circumstances"-A child can be a blessing; but forcing a rape victim to carry the seed of rape for nine months must have devastating psychological effects..And, while I'm not a psychiatrist…I do know a thing or two about RAPE.