Well, the Results Are In: Republicans Have Won the Gomer Pyle Vote

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John Huntsman, the one somewhat credible candidate the GOP had, got smart and got out Sunday; finally realizing he just couldn’t stoop that low. As David Axelrod put it to Buzzfeed

“He was simply unwillingly to make the Faustian bargains with the Right that Romney has so willingly made.”

So who’s left- we’ve got three stooges- Perry, Santorum and Gingrich; the Village Idiot- Ron Paul, and Mitt – I never had a belief I would not change for a donation – Romney.

Those remaining 2012 candidates soldier on like good little Storm Troopers; promising to infiltrate your bedrooms, blanket the country with crosses the size of skyscrapers, and dismantle government to the point where we become a nation of uneducated, poverty stricken citizens; suffering from lung disease and lining up for visas so we can work for “American” companies. And their blue collar constituents will evidently cheer them on as they’re sold down the river.

Case in point- Newt Gingrich has said regarding food stamps as quoted in Politico,

“The fact is if I become your nominee we will make the key test very simple — food stamps versus paychecks. Obama is the best food stamp president in American history…

And so I’m prepared, if the NAACP invites me, I’ll go to their convention and talk about why the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.”

Numerous people have pointed out since, that more white Americans use food stamps than black Americans, but Republicans prefer their constituents believe otherwise. Fast forward to the South Carolina debate; as the Washington Post reported,

Gingrich’s characterization of President Obama as the “food stamp president” won him applause but it was nothing as compared to the standing ovation he received when challenged about that statement later by debate panelist Juan Williams.

Yes, Newt receives exuberant applause from an audience of ignorant rednecks, who live in a state that still flies the Confederate flag at the capitol, and this mope thinks the momentum will carry him to the Presidency. If he were running for Imperial Wizard of the Klan, he’d probably be right; but the road to the nomination isn’t lined with back-woods Deliverance types.

Ironically, most of his audience probably got home and said, “Hey, wait a minute, we’re on food stamps!” As the graph below shows, South Carolina is in the top tier of food stamp use by state; ranking tenth according to the USDA; and yet the idiots applauded.

Foodstamp use by state

Not to be outdone, Santorum highlighted his own blissful ignorance when he said,

“…I think we have to look at having a reasonable time for people to be able to come back, get a job and then turn their lives around… you can have as we did on welfare, have some sort of either work requirement of job training required as a condition. We’re not doing people any favors by keeping them on unemployment insurance for a long period of time.”

Once again- applause from the audience; once again, a map from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Unemployment By State

You guessed it – South Carolina makes the top ten again; and still no moderator asks, “What training for what jobs exactly?”

So let’s review- ignorant men on stage, making ignorant statements about eliminating safety nets for the very audience they’re in front of, results in unbelievably ignorant audience applauding.

Sir Romney the Inevitable wasn’t at his best and actually got beaten up a little bit at the latest debate, but the Republican machine is still in his corner. I say give him the nomination, save the Republicans some money, bring on those tax returns, and let us get down to the business of shredding him to pieces.

As for the other two chuckle-heads, Rick Perry and Ron Paul; Perry has just about used up his “1 free pass for the idiot” cards, and should fall by the wayside pretty soon,  unless the idea of attacking Turkey catches on with GOP warmongers. And that nutty little enigma, Ron Paul? His domestic policy boils down to eliminating enough of the federal government that he can conduct his presidency from the La-Z-Boy in his den. Even with his on/off top tier poll numbers he’ll eventually be sent home to start taking his meds again.

No matter who wins the primary on Saturday, this little circus will pull up stakes and head off to Florida. The only question is whether all the clowns will be on board.

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