GOProud “Takes One For the Gipper” So to Speak

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The Great Pilgrimage of the Holier Than Thou took place last week, as Conservatives flocked to Washington, D.C. for their annual Political Action Conference. CPAC, as it’s commonly referred to, is the yearly superiority fix for the right wing’s Crème de la Crème (or scum on the pond, depending on your viewpoint).

One of the big stories currently running the blog circuit is CPAC’s refusal to allow GOProud to participate in their program this year. For those of you who don’t know about GOProud, it is a “gay conservative” organization that is “committed to a traditional conservative agenda” (except of course for that little gays are sub-human part). Jimmy LaSalvia and Christopher Barron are its co-founders.

As the Huffington Post reported,

“For the last two years, the pro-gay rights conservative organization GOProud served as a sponsor of CPAC, with a booth in the hall and a spot in the planning session to boot. This year, it is on the outside looking in, having been informed that it was not reinvited in July…”

This isn’t surprising in and of itself, we are after all talking about Conservatives here, but the parallel story lines are another matter. Conservative sites are spinning/rationalizing/lamenting/championing the decision, while GOProud itself has essentially rolled over – for the good of the cause.

Here’s a sampling of responses from the Conservatives For Schizophrenia wing of the party (any emphasis is mine):

From Red State

“…what is good for the GOP is not necessarily what’s good for CPAC…

“Not because I want to run anyone out of the party, or because I don’t want to be able to work with GOProud and other groups to achieve good things for the country under the GOP Big Tent…”

“When it comes to the Republican Party, we’re all on the same team…”

Under the GOP big tent? We’re all on the same team? Note to Republicans: It’s slightly more difficult to be “on the same team” when some of you aren’t even allowed to be in the same room.

Margaret Hoover in a Fox Opinion piece wrote:

Unlike me, GOProud takes no position on same-sex marriage, nor has it supported any controversial liberally gay-right’s positions

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, it is precisely “positions” that started this whole debate.

Ms. Hoover goes on to say:

Some conservative groups believe that a person cannot be both conservative and gay. They believe that traditional lives cannot be led by those who have not traditionally been accepted by society…

They have confused the principles of freedom–tenants to which conservatives willingly subscribe–with a person’s sexual orientation, a characteristic trait over which an individual has no control.

This lack of distinction, and the prejudice that follows, represent the most despicable impulses in American politics.”

That’s what we’ve been saying!

Bryan Fischer in Renew America:

“…everywhere the homosexual agenda advances, it does so at the expense of religious liberty, speech, and freedom of association.”

I’m sorry, could someone explain to me why it is that homosexual sex is a no-no, but keeping your head in your ass is not?

Kevin McCullough/ Fox News, responded to Ms.Hoover in an article titled CPAC 2012 — Less Divisive, More Inclusive, Than Ever! :

“The truth is genuine conservatives have no interest in going into people’s bedrooms and seeing what they do in private.

(They prefer to plant cameras.)

And despite [what] Ms. Hoover thinks, conservatives will not be checking boxes to see what race, gender, or sexual activity you prefer before assigning you your seat in the room.”

(They did a complete background check as soon as you registered.)

From Selwyn Duke at the New American:

“As for the conservative family, it should also be pointed out that homosexuals represent a miniscule percentage of its vote. And most of those folks, I suspect, aren’t going to break ranks because GOProud is cast from the barracks.

If GOProud members really cared about anything resembling traditional conservatism, they would…leave faux-marriage feelings in the closet.”

Faux: not genuine; fake or false, you know, like conservative news.

Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation from Democratic Underground:

“GOProud is a disturbing group.

Of course, that’s coming from a guy who hangs out with bigots and racists in triangular hats.

Is GOProud a Republican group? Sure. Anyone can be a Republican. The GOP has a big tent that runs from the far right to the left. Just because you are a Republican does not make you a conservative.

Again with the “big tent” nonsense; face it people, I could borrow a bigger tent from a Boy Scout.

So, in all this controversy, what’s GOProud’s take? Their website actually declares that,

“Any of the Remaining GOP Presidential Candidates Would Be a Dramatic Improvement over President Barack Obama.”

During an interview with Ashleigh Banfield on CNN, Christopher Baron stated,

“…the entire time that we’ve been involved in CPAC, we have said that the most important thing is unity within the conservative movement, sadly…there have been a handful of organizations on the social right who’ve decided to go the route of division…”

Regarding Rick Santorum, Jimmy LaSalvia said,

“…the left would have you believe that the only thing gay people care about is military service and marriage; and while those are important issues, the fact is, is that gay people care about things like the economy and jobs and retirement…”

Um, boys….you just listed the policy issues of the Democratic Party and guess what, not only do they welcome gays at their meetings, they even let them speak!



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