The GOP Do Nothing Jobs Agenda

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Since Republicans took control of the house over 400 days ago, they’ve spent their time obstructing Democratic efforts to create jobs, voted to end Medicare, and manufactured crisis after crisis. In fact, they voted 31 times against jobs legislation. 31 times!

Pelosi’s blog breaks it down by the numbers:

400: Days Republicans have been in charge

0: GOP jobs agendas

2 million: Jobs potentially destroyed under GOP bills

31: Times House GOP have voted against taking up Democratic jobs legislation, including China currency legislation that would help create 1 million American jobs

3: Times House GOP have voted to end the Medicare guarantee and protect tax breaks for Big Oil, millionaires and corporations shipping jobs overseas

8: Times House GOP voted against urgent consideration of an extension of the payroll tax cut for 160 million Americans, including a bipartisan Senate compromise in December

229: Number of House Republicans that voted to reject the bipartisan Senate compromise, risking a $1,000 tax hike for the typical American family and jeopardizing 600,000 American jobs by sending it to a non- existent conference committee to die

14: Times GOP have voted against the President’s American Jobs Act, or part of it

1.9 million: Number of jobs that the President’s American Jobs Act is estimated to create

5: Times House GOP have brought our nation to the brink, creating economic uncertainty

1: Number of jobs bills from the President enacted, due to Democratic pressure

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