Alabama Has A Jobs Plan – For Prison Inmates

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According to, in one of the most ignorant, asinine, insane, we don’t give a damn about the unemployed moves, Alabama Rep. Jim McClendon, R-Springville (Of Course) is sponsoring a bill which

“…would let private businesses employ prison inmates to make their products.”

McClendon “called the bill a win-win situation since the companies would pay the cash-strapped prison system and the inmates who volunteer for the program would earn minimum wage or more.”

This mental pygmy McClendon is “astounded” at the opposition to the bill; his reasoning?-

“…the jobs would be new employment opportunities from companies.”

So companies who finally get off their dead asses and create some jobs, are going to pay money to the Alabama prison system, AND pay these inmates a minimum wage? Why would any company even do that when they could just hire everyday citizens? And wouldn’t they have to install machinery and equipment in the prisons? This is nuts. Speaking of nuts, here’s a couple of comments from readers:

“Why would any business want to hire an inmate when we have 9% unemployment of people who are not convicted felons???

The first question any intelligent person would ask.

“What part of that 9% will accept minimum wage jobs? If they would….there are thousands of those jobs available right now…..but, they won’t.”

Response from a typical Fox News watcher who gets all of his opinions handed to him, and thus lives life in ignorant bliss.

“It’s not slavery if you made a concious choice to break the law and wind up in prison. You go to prison because you owe a debt to society.”

No, it’s more like indentured servitude, you idiot; and they don’t get sent to prison to make money.

This idea is so unbelievably ignorant and so typically Republican, I am fuming as I write this. Please appreciate my self control; this article could have been just one long sentence of expletives. .

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  • Scott

    It's like the reich wants to ensure that anyone, whether they be working overseas or from prison, gets a job before average Americans do.