And the Nomination Goes To: The Least Objectionable Candidate

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Not like it’s news or anything, but Romney has yet again been labeled the inevitable GOP nominee and many Conservatives are calling  for Santorum and Gingrich to leave the race; oh and Ron Paul too – keep forgetting about him. While it’s been nothing if not entertaining, I’m more than happy to get down to the business of focusing on Romney (besides, my crazy meter is completely fried).

Marco Rubio has now endorsed Romney and declared,

“…it’s increasingly clear that Romney will win the nomination and that continuing the primary fight will only damage the effort to defeat President Barack Obama.”

Romney also picked up the endorsement of the Senior Bush:

“Barbara and I are very proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support our old friend Mitt Romney,” the former president said, flanked by Romney and former First Lady Barbara Bush. “He’s a good man, he’ll make a great president.”

Call me crazy, but if you felt someone would be a “great President”, wouldn’t you endorse him right out of the gate? Bush’s endorsement though, is the same tepid type of backing Romney’s been getting all along; kind of like McCain 2008 all over again.

So who is Mitt Romney? I don’t think anybody knows what Romney really stands for, including the candidate himself. Let’s review some of Romney’s “flip-flops” On the Issues :

• In October 2002, campaigning for governorship of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney said he would “preserve and protect” a woman’s right to choose. He now describes himself as opposing abortion.

• In a 1994 letter to the Log Cabin Republicans, who advocate gay rights, Romney said he was in favor of “gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly” in the military. He now says it would be a mistake to interfere with the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy.”

• After saying he opposed abstinence-only education, Romney adopted just such a program for twelve- to fourteen-year-olds, primarily in Hispanic and black communities.

• In 1994, Romney advocated a spending limit on congressional elections and abolition of political action committees. In 2002, he supported public financing of campaigns from a 10 percent tax on private fund-raising. In 2008, he attacked the McCain-Feingold law limiting campaign contributions as an attack on free speech.

• Campaigning for the Senate in 1994, Romney said he favored strong gun laws and did not “line up with the NRA.” He signed up for “lifetime membership” of the NRA in August 2006 while pondering a presidential run, praising the group for “doing good things” and “supporting the right to bear arms.”

That’s just for starters. While pandering is a basic strategy in Republican politics, Romney is over the top even for them. So how’s that working out for him? According to IBTimes :

“A new Washington Post/ABC News Poll found that fully half of Americans said they have an unfavorable impression of Romney…compared to 34 percent of voters who said they viewed Romney favorably.

…a Washington Post/ABC poll conducted in February found that voters said by a 2-to-1 margin that they liked Romney less the more they learned about him.”

As for his own party, it’s not exactly what you’d call a mandate; a new Gallup daily tracking poll shows:

“…Romney breaking 40 percent support among Republican and Republican-leaning voters for the first time in the election cycle – a threshold that neither he nor any of his competitors had previously breached.”

Kind of makes you embarrassed for the guy, being chosen as the least objectionable candidate; but he’ll take the nomination any way he can get it.

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  • Scott

    I'd rather have a baseball mitt for president than this lying piece of shit. What's sad is if he had stayed consistent with what he said during his 1994 senate campaign, he'd be a much more appealing candidate to more moderate Republicans, independents, and even some Democrats. Romney's gonna find out in November that you can't win any election just by pretending to cater to your base.

    By the way, does anybody understand why the hell he's trying to reignite the Cold War?