Boys Will Be Boys: a Prostitute’s Indictment of Todd Palin, Her Pimp and the Corruption of the Anchorage Police

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The date was January 19, 2011.   The headline news from the National Enquirer boasted headlines that Todd Palin had been involved, sexually, with a prostitute by the name of Shailey Tripp.

It was undisputed that Shailey Tripp was a prostitute, as she had been arrested on March 4, 2010 and charged with running a house of prostitution, to which she pled “no contest.”  Kashawn Thomas was also arrested in the same office and charged with prostitution.  She also pled No Contest.

For the next 6 days there was no comment by the quick fingered Sarah Palin through Tweets or Facebook posts.  There was a total absence of discussion of this story on Fox News.  If Sarah Palin and/or Todd had been willing to deny that story, you can bet it would have been the lead story on Fox.  Yet, both Todd and Sarah were conspicuously silent.

The three lie detector tests the National Enquirer had done on Shailey Tripp before reporting the story  have NEVER been denied or controverted by Todd Palin.  A defamation suit has not been filed against the National Enquirer.  Truth is a defense to a defamation suit.

To the consternation of many waiting for a response from the Palins, it was the Anchorage Police Department that first issued a response to the National Enquirer.  On January 25, 2011 the “press release” issued to the National Enquirer by the Anchorage Police Department stated:

“None of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear in any of the records seized by APD.  The investigation of the prostitution operation was initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.  …Bloggers have had no access to the evidence seized so their linking of evidence in police custody to any other person is incorrect.”

This “press release” was not issued in the ordinary course of business of the APD, as it was never listed on the APD’s web site where other “press releases” were listed. Who would expect a police department to comment on a story in the National Enquirer?  Why would a police department comment on evidence in ANY case?  Why would the Anchorage Police Department issue a “press release” that was directly contrary to their own records?

To make matters worse, Dave Parker of the Anchorage Police Department gave a statement to the New York Daily News on Janurary 26, 2011.  He said:

“  It was just guilt by innuendo, nothing else,”

“There’s not one scintilla of evidence that Todd Palin had anything to do with this.”

Upon receiving copies of Anchorage Police records, I discovered that the arrest of Shailey Tripp was prompted by a tip from a man identified by name, who worked in the same building as Shailey Tripp.  The police’s own records indicated that “Mr. Fortier” saw Todd Palin coming and going from Shailey Tripp’s place of business.  Other police records stated:

“At about 1237 hours I attended a briefing by Officer NOLDER and Det. McKinnon.  Det. MCKINNON advised that he received a tip reference(sic) a possible prostitution operation at 1601 Abbott Road #202(S&L Associates). “

As further confirmation of the involvement of Mr. Fortier as an independent witness, both Shailey Tripp and Kashawn Thomas were ordered by the judge not to associate with Mr Fortier.

Because the Anchorage Police’s own records documented some connection of Todd Palin with the house of prostitution, it was hard to imagine why the police department would issue a press release indicating that there was nothing in their possession that could conceivably connect Todd Palin with this house of Prostitution.  I called Police Chief Mew and left a message for him.  Officer Dave Parker of the Anchorage Police returned my call and explained that he was the officer in charge of the press releases and of any statements given to anyone on behalf of the Anchorage Police Department.  He proceeded to answer my questions regarding the matter.  Officer Parker confirmed that:

1.  The APD has a “Web Master” who is responsible for the content of the web site  of the APD, and he never sent the “press release” to the National Enquirer to the Web Master.

2.    Officer Parker confirmed that he was the person responsible for the content of the “press release” issued to the National Enquirer.

3.  It was an attorney for Sarah Palin who contacted the APD and asked them to issue a press release to the National Enquirer.

4.  Dave Parker reviewed only the records readily available to him on his computer before issuing the press release.

5.  Dave Parker admitted that he did not have all the APD’s records available when he sent the Press Release to the National Enquirer. Thus Dave Parker confirmed that he did not have all the information when he prepared the press release for the National Enquirer.

6.  Dave Parker confirmed the identity of the Officer who had spoken with William Fortier when he called the police to report suspected prostitution activities.  It was Officer Billiet who had spoken with William Fortier.

7.  Dave Parker confirmed that certain items of property of Shailey Tripp, including a lap top computer, and cell phone, were “seized” in the arrest, but he did not examine them to determine if there was any reference to Todd Palin.

8.  Officer Parker refused to issue a retraction, clarification, or modification of the “press release” issued to the National Enquirer, even though the press release issued was incorrect and misleading.

9.  Officer Parker never notified the New York Daily News that he was in error when he said there was not “one scintilla of evidence” implicating Todd Palin with this house of Prostitution.

It was not until Jan. 28, 2011, AFTER the APD’s “press release,” and nine days after the publication of the story by the National Enquirer,  that Sarah Palin claimed that the allegations in the National Enquirer’s story were “Lies.”  Sarah Palin has not issued a statement regarding Ms. Tripp’s book, and Todd has never denied her story, even though he has been asked.   He has been silent about the National Enquirer story, and about Shailey Tripp’s book.  Todd Palin has also failed to “refudiate” the description of his most private of anatomical parts.

How could the Anchorage Police Department refuse to correct the record?  It was bad enough that Officer Parker issued a statement clearly intended to exonerate Todd Palin, that was incorrect.  It was unforgivable that Officer Parker refused to clarify the record, after the error was brought to his attention, and it was the police department’s own records that demonstrated the error of the “press release.”  It wasn’t until the publication of Shailey Tripp’s new book, Boys will be Boys, that I understood the refusal of the APD to correct this error.

In her bold, and revealing book,

Shailey Tripp courageously reports intimate details of her recruitment into a life of prostitution by Todd Palin.  She provides a detailed account of the manipulation by Todd Palin that she endured, along with explicit details of Todd’s anatomy, and sexual encounters with him.  Even more telling is her identification of some of her clients, including Officer Padgett of the APD, who was present for her arrest.  The APD records of the arrest identify Officer Padgett as the officer who located the cell phones of Shailey Tripp and Kashawn Thomas in their purses during the arrest.   To date, in spite of a Court order, the cell phone of Shailey Tripp has never been returned.  Having read Shiley’s book, it is clear that the Anchorage Police Department was motivated by self-interest in the issuance of the “press release” and in their unwillingness or inability to produce the cell phone of Shailey Tripp that was part of the “evidence seized.”


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  • Alan

    I'd have to agree with Dave Barker; there is not one scintilla of evidence connecting Toad to anything (except the eye witness that was responsible for this being brought to the APD's attention in the first place).

  • Kate

    There were three eye witnesses that reported seeing Todd in the police reports that Shailey puts in her book. Three. Also there is evidence that the Palins used their influence tohave the police department lie for them. The eye witness for that is a police officer who openly has admitted that. lastly, there is evidence that was seized with client lists and contact information and Shailey sent this stuff to a forensics expert and she has stated that there was lots of evidence connecting Todd Palin to her. Read the book she lays it all out.

  • Doug Marquardt

    Yeah Alan, eyewitnesses are evidence. Maybe you meant to say "physical evidence"?