Obama hugs black man, Breitbart turns over in grave

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Fox News and the Breitbart fans are desperately trying to create a scandal out of a video clip of Barack Obama supporting one of his professors, Professor Derrick Bell, in 1990. Thing is, there’s nothing there. Seriously, nothing.

Before that douche-bag Andrew Breitbart‘s heart exploded last week, he was creating buzz at Fox for another cut-and-paste video hatchet-job that he claimed would take down the President. Breitbart’s claim: the video would prove “why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.” I was all prepared for a fight, until I read the back-story and saw the video. What a disappointment.

What a shocker: Barack Obama, as President of the Harvard Law Review, was an involved and compassionate student speaking at a protest event to support a beloved professor, Professor Derrick Bell, a professor who was active in racial issues. Obama makes an excellent speech and the crowd approves; go figure. Nothing more to the story.

Repukes call Occupy protest members “rapists and murderers”, so I guess that’s why they’re trying to make something out of Obama’s involvement in a protest. On Fox, Hannity and his guests used repetition to brainwash their gullible audience, repeating “radical” so many times I lost count.

In summary, nice try, Fox. Time to trot out the next conspiracy theory about the president.

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  • Scott

    Read a comment on that video that I really liked, which I thought I'd share (cleaned up the grammar a bit):

    Isn't protest what the Tea Party is all about? Wasn't the pilgrims coming to America about protest? If it wasn't for protest we wouldn't have America! Is your problem really´╗┐ WHO is protesting? Why does the constitution only protect what some of you might call "Real Americans?" They were protesting unfair hiring practices for minorities. Tell me….Why is that radical? Should non-white Americans just accept what they get and not speak on it?

  • Doug Marquardt

    The commentator is right. The radical right tries to claim that if you don't shut up and take the screwing they give you, then you're a radical. But when they protest, its a patriotic activity.