An organization that will have the radical-white … I mean “radical-right” up in arms …

PAC+ is a new national network focused on democratizing money and politics to give voice to America’s New Majority. Recognizing that People of Color and progressive Whites are now the majority of people in America, PAC+ will pool the resources of its members and direct them to strategic races in states where the demographic revolution can change the political balance of power. In 2012, PAC+ is focusing on six strategic states — Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, Ohio, California, and Arizona.

PAC+ is being launched by a National Board of over 70 community and political leaders in 16 states and is “powered by”, a social justice advocacy organization that created the country’s first Democratic SuperPAC in 2007 that supported Barack Obama by targeting African American and Latino voters in pivotal states.

Yes! Awesome! Best of luck.

I can see the right-wing wheels turning … “demographic revolution?!!”

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