Results For Puerto Rico Primary 3/18/12

Puerto Rico as of 6:30 a.m. with 83% of precincts reporting:


  • Romney        88.0%
  • Santorum       8.5%
  • Gingrich        2.2%
  • Paul                 1.3%

Estimated Delegate Count

  • Romney        523
  • Santorum     253
  • Gingrich      137
  • Paul                 50

  * The delegate total includes the preference of 3 superdelegates, party leaders who are free to support any candidate they choose.

1144 Needed to win the nomination

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  • Doug Marquardt

    That's a hilarious result! Santorum makes a big deal about going to Puerto Rico, then makes that stupid remark about it's citizens being required to learn English to become a state and loses big. Or should I say, "bigot"?