Sarah Wood Exposes Tea Party Ignorance For the Danger It Is

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Sarah Wood at Addicting Info has uncovered a Tea Party film that speaks to the ignorance and divisiveness that has become the conservative agenda:

“There has been a propaganda video titled “AGENDA, Grinding America Down” that the Tea Party has been using all over the nation to spread falsehoods and fear about President Barack Obama, and the liberal voice of progress and change. This video is telling people that the progress made since the 1960′s is a bad thing, and that we are falling further and further away from what it means to be a decent American and live by the “morals” that we are supposedly meant to follow. It seems that all the progress made regarding equality for women, people of color, LGBT individuals, people of varying faiths, etc. goes against the best intention for the United States.”

“The same old catch phrases are being uttered as they are when any mention of progress and equality is uttered. (“Communism,” “Marxism,” “Socialism,” etc.) Except this time, those words are being used as though the devil himself is about to burn us all alive if we embrace a philosophy of acceptance, tolerance, and a brotherhood of man.”

Sarah goes on to say,

“I can only hope to disseminate the truth regarding this video, and hope that others will spread the word as well. These sorts of films are dangerous. They are dangerous to those that it attacks, and they are dangerous to the well-being of the nation as a whole.”

Please help share this video so people can see how dangerous and unbalanced these people are.

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