The Armed Forces Network Should Drop Rush Limbaugh.

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The news of this weekend was filled with the grotesque details of  the senseless massacre of 16 Afghani civilians by an American service member.   One step this nation should take in response to this tragedy is to drop the Rush Limbaugh program from the Armed Forces Network.   Why the connection?

Because Rush Limbaugh is one of the loudest voices that constantly denigrates and attacks Islam.  The Armed Forces Network is providing a daily conduit of lies and vile invective directed at Muslims to our service members who are serving in Afghanistan from the bilbous blowhole of Limbaugh. 

the current Islamist identity of Islam, the terrorist wing of Islam, which is what it’s most known for today, is trying to take us back to the 7th century.”

Limbaugh compared Muslims to KKK members while railing against the Islamic center in downtown New York:  

 “What would happen, do you think, if the Ku Klux Klan established a memorial at Gettysburg?”

“They wouldn’t get to first base. Nobody would put up with the Klan building a memorial anywhere, much less Gettysburg.”

Limbaugh has been particularly outspoken on the New York Islamic Center claiming it would lead to domestic terrorism, saying that if Guantanamo Bay…

“is a recruiting tool for foreign extremists, what about a World Trade Center mosque being a recruiting tool for domestic extremists?”

Limbaugh has painted the entire Muslim world as responsible for the attacks of 9/11:

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in a family who lost someone in 9/11 to hear about this guy’s plans for the Muslim world. I can’t imagine what it was like when they found out that this government was willing to spend $200 million a year in security for the people who blew up the World Trade Center in a civil trial.

Limbaugh is so virulently anti-Muslim that he defended the “Lords Resistance Army” (led by the now infamous Kony) when President Obama sent advisors to Africa.  The reason he defended Kony was because the LRA are fighting Muslims, and the transcript still showing on Limbaughs website blares:   Obama Invades Uganda, Targets Christians:

Lord’s Resistance Army are Christians. They are fighting the Muslims in Sudan.

The Limbaugh defense of a gang of murderous bandits, because they were fighting Muslims segue’s nicely with another reason he needs to be removed from Armed Forces Network. His program is completely biased against the commander in chief, and not in a civil or simply political manner either. Limbaugh routinely calls the President “Imam Obama” and routinely insinuates that the President is Muslim. Limbaugh even goes so far as to declare that Obama believes that America deserved to be attacked on 9/11.

So the premise is we deserve it. We should have been hit. It’s time we face the facts, and to prevent them from hitting us again, we have to acknowledge that. Stop calling them Islamic radicals, stop calling them terrorists, instead build them hospitals.

Unless we are to believe that every member of the military is conservative, this  attack by Limbaugh is particularly objectionable.  Military members who agree with the President think we should have been hit on 9/11?   Service members who are trying to help build infrastructure and forward the administrations policy in the Muslim world are contributing to the outrage of 9/11 families?  That is the message which the Armed Forces Network provides Limbaugh a platform to spread to our military, and that simply should not be acceptable.

With our military being sent on multiple rotations to war zones in Muslim lands, perhaps one thing we could do to tone down what must be enormous strain on our service members is to not subject them to routine programming detailing how evil Muslims are. 

In particular, these attacks on the commander in chief’s Christianity and patriotism when coupled with Limbaugh’s repeated denigration of the Islamic faith is simply not appropriate on the Armed Forces Network. 

This brings me to the last reason I’ll cover (not that there are not several other reasons, but I’m not writing a book) that  Limbaugh should not be given a platform on the Armed Forces Network. Our military has been racially integrated for decades.  Now not only are minority men allowed, but women and very recently openly gay and lesbian service members are welcome to serve as well. Rush Limbaugh has a long history of racially charged comments. And the recent attack on Sandra Fluke has cost him dearly. We would be well served to remember that the women and minorities who serve in the military are entitled to be respected. Limbaugh can not help but insult the President and other minorities on racial grounds, gays and lesbians in general and women in particular. For that unmitigated crudeness towards people who should feel welcome to serve in the military, which crudeness is Limbaugh’s stock in trade, he does not deserve to be broadcast to our integrated military.

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  • Scott

    No soldier should be subject to Rush Limbaugh's crazy ass, or any conservative talk whatsoever, since the Republicans are the party of fear. They have enough fear to deal with as it is.