A Quick Take On the Rosen Romney Debacle

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I’m a firm believer, feminist or not, if you jump into a pile of shit – you clean up your own mess; and Hilary Rosen is no exception.

Her statement regarding Ann Romney having “never worked a day in her life” was stupidity at it’s best. You’re damn right it was a poor choice of words Hilary; CNN pays you for your opinion, so your wording requires a little more responsibility than most.

That being said, Rosen blew what was a valid point in the discussion – Ann Romney has never had to worry about a roof over her head, or whether the bills would be paid every month; so while she’s out fact-finding for Mitt, who can’t seem to connect with women, I seriously doubt she can fathom the difficulties faced by mainstream America either, no matter how well they explain it to her.

Ann Romney is who she is, the product of a comfortable life; and she can’t be begrudged for having successful parents or a successful husband. The choice to stay home and raise your kids deserves the same respect as mothers who must work, or choose to work while raising their children, and that is where Conservatives lose their right to indignation over Rosen’s comment.

Phyllis Schlafly and her ilk have always lauded stay-at-home Moms while castigating those who work, need public assistance, or for whatever reason are raising their children as a single parent. They also falsely claim that Obama gets the majority of the female vote because women are dependent, which is hardly the case; he gets the majority of the female vote because he views women as equals.

I ask you, which scenario is the real dependency; those mothers married or single, who are struggling to provide for their family, or a woman content to live off of her husband, long after the children are raised.

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  • Doug Marquardt

    Yeah, I think the Romney campaign and corporate media moguls were ecstatic when they heard the remark. We all knew exactly what she meant but it was just close enough to get the media to bite. The facts are clear; Ann Romney became a multimillionaire the day she said "I do", which included maids, nannies, drivers, and all the support staff that goes with the Romney clan. She was hardly a typical, hard-working, stay-at-home mother. I actually heard her say that she didn't have the financial problems others have but it was still hard. Bullshit! Financial problems are the biggest part of family problems. She has MS, so she should take a moment and imagine having MS without health care insurance, losing everything because of health care bills, worrying about your children's health care, and still having to feed the family and put a roof over their heads. Its ALL about financial problems. But you can't empathize when you're obscenely rich and your husband is known for firing people and shipping their jobs overseas.

    In the end, the radical right can't possibly defend their policy positions so they desperately search for ways to change the subject. Rosen wasn't talking about stay-at-home mothers, she was talking about one person, Ann Romney. The radical right thought Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail was fair game – I don't see a problem with going after Ann Romney.