Actually, Republicans Are Waging A War On Caterpillars.

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“Well, for one thing, if the Democrats said we had a war on caterpillars, and mainstream media outlet talked about the fact that Republicans have a war on caterpillars, then we have problems with caterpillars.”  Reince Priebus

 Mr. Priebus may have been trying to make light of the Republican war on women by comparing it to a supposedly non existent Republican war on caterpillars. Priebus would have been better served to have made light of a supposed Republican war on oil corporations or Wall Street tycoons.   There is no question that Republicans are fighting tooth and nail on the side of those fat cats.  The sad fact is however that the policies forwarded by Republicans really are harmful to caterpillars, simply because Republican policy is harmful to the environment.

Lets start with the meta outlook on this Republican war on caterpillars.  It may be hard to recognize as we each proceed along in our daily lives but Earth is  undergoing a mass die off which is even more deadly than the mass extinctions from millions of years ago that we all learned about in grade school. The modern event is known to science as the Holocine extinction. This event is calculated to have started around 11,500 years ago, at the end of the last ice age.   Guess what started happening about that time?  Here is a hint…  it rhymes with shlobal gorming. 

The Holocine extinction we are experiencing is thought to have been initiated with a general warming of the environment by up to 12.5 degrees in a 60 year period ending the last ice age.  The extinction process is accelerating, with a noted increase in the rate of species loss since the start of the industrial revolution. Many scientists believe that more than half of all known living species on the planet will be extinct by 2100, primarily due to the effects of accelerated global warming, and an exploding human population.

There is a marked difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to global warming.  Democrats at least recognize the devastating effects climate change has on the ecosystem, (including butterflys and caterpillars).  Republicans deny the indisputable science on warming and insist that mankind continue to wantonly pollute the environment.   

Picture a caterpillar trying to survive in a haze of smog under the blazing sun, and tell me that Republicans aren’t at war with caterpillars!

There are other examples of Republicans declaring war on the environment, and caterpillars by extension.   The Xerces Blue Butterfly is an example of one species that has gone extinct.  The reason the Xerces is no longer on this planet is due to loss of habitat caused by rural development. 

The Environmental Protection Agency was not yet created when the Xerces went extinct.   Had the EPA been around back then the protection of that endangered butterfly would have been exactly what the agency was created for.  Yet Republicans have made the elimination of the EPA a rallying cry.   If Republicans are successful how many other species of butterfly will go the way of Xerces as the federal government washes it’s hands of protecting endangered species? 

I’m quite certain that a motivated writer could cite another dozen examples of Republicans fighting conservation and supporting wide spread environmental degradation as a matter of policy.   Since I’m not writing a tome here, I’ll just wrap up with this.   Republicans are engaged in a war on women, and a war on the environment (yes, including caterpillars Mr. Priebus) as well.

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