Americans for Prosperity Trashes Republican Business Owners

A new ad by the right-wing political action group Americans for Prosperity attempts to attack President Obama for not creating enough jobs with the stimulus but fails miserably.

First of all, the Congressional Budget Office, a non-partisan group the radical right loves to quote when it suits their needs, put out a report in 2011 that showed over a million jobs were created and millions more were saved because of the stimulus. But the best part of the ad is the attempt to blame Obama for big, Republican-owned corporations using stimulus money to create jobs overseas. In fact, not only did Bain Capital, Romney’s company, make millions from cutting American jobs and shipping them overseas, Bain’s corporate welfare program used taxpayer funds to boost their own profits.

Thank you AFP, for shining a spotlight on corporate greed. Its time we cut all tax breaks to these Republican-owned corporations that use taxpayer funding to ship jobs overseas.

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