Mitt Romney Is One Weird Dude

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Many of us remember the first time we saw that special love of our lives. Those stories of love at first sight are usually full of positive emotions and romantic possibilities.  However, the story of the first time Mitt Romney laid eyes on Ann holds no such pleasantry, although it was a memorable event.

Here is how Mitt tells it: [H]e was a Cub Scout in elementary school, he and some other scouts saw Ann riding a horse bareback across a railroad track.

“What do Cub Scouts do when they see a little girl on a horse?” Mitt says now. “We picked up stones and threw them [at her].”

Wrong Mitt. In fact that statement isn’t just wrong, it is flat out weird. Mind you this isn’t Romney saying that his little gang of hellion Cub Scouts went all crazy this one time. Mitt, somehow, thinks that Cub Scouts throwing rocks at little girls on horseback is just perfectly normal behavior! 

If my daughter ever went horseback riding and came home with some story of being terrorized by a local gang of demon Cub Scouts you can bet your bottom dollar there would be some interaction betwixt me and the local den leaders. Those little hoodlums are creating a very dangerous situation and it is not acceptable, or normal, behavior despite Mitt Romney’s take on the matter.

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