Republican War On Women: For Conservative Ladies Ignorance Is Bliss

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The [We Like To Pretend We’re] Independent Women’s Forum published an article recently titled: Women Decide, 2012 that proves they don’t worry their pretty little heads much about any of that silly politics stuff. Consider this jibberish (my emphasis):

“…women are being told that they are defined by a narrow sliver of social issues. This year that narrow sliver is said—improbably—to include contraception. Contraception?

The Republican interest in contraception as an issue is limited solely to not forcing religiously affiliated employers who regard it as morally objectionable to pay for it.”

The writer claims Republicans,

“…were caught off guard by the contraception “issue,” and with the media working overtime to promote this truly bizarre line of attack, they are going to have to work hard to get the votes of women.”

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And she attempts to “enlighten” women:

“Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, if you are a woman, you should want this debate to be about things that truly matter, not about some phony issue such as contraception…”

I think it’s safe to assume that if it’s not written by Schlafly, Coulter, or Malkin, these women don’t read it; no books, newspapers, or non-conservative websites for the Stepford Wives. Imagine the simplicity of their lives, only having to worry about what conservative men tell them is important; never having to do that tedious thinking thing.

Then there’s this gem:

Women Hoodwinked By The Democrat Spin Machine – this writer believes

“…women have been easily deceived since Adam and Eve. Ever since a snake convinced Eve to eat forbidden fruit, women have been willing to accept lies about who they are and what they’re capable of accomplishing.”

The forbidden fruit fable, there’s a logical political argument; she doesn’t elaborate, so I guess the “lies” she’s talking about are the crazy notions that we’re not all brood mares, and most of us actually like the fulfillment of a job or career. She also claims:

“…Democrats have conducted a psychological campaign to fool many women into believing they are an eternal minority, destined to eat the scraps fed to them by a Democratic party more concerned about their votes than their contribution to society.”

By the way, this woman refers to herself as “a motivational speaker” among other things; imagine the number of women who’ve probably been “motivated” straight into therapy after hearing this woman speak. Conservative women would kill for half of the respect from conservative men that women like my friends and myself enjoy with our male friends and associates, not to mention the Democratic Party.

Next in the Parade of Fools, we have: Ayotte Makes the Romney Pitch to Women

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., claims in an interview that women, “…especially care about the state of the economy…”

“The mothers, we’re driving our kids around to soccer practices and everything else,” Ayotte said during a Morning Joe appearance. “And now they are paying twice as much at the pump as when this president came into office. I think those issues are going to resonate.”

If Ms. Ayotte is representing a constituency, and STILL doesn’t understand how gas prices are determined, maybe she should step down and give someone a bit more knowledgeable an opportunity to govern. Maybe someone who also understands there’s a whole group of women out there who GASP! can’t afford “soccer practices and everything else” for their children because of that little problem of food and shelter.

Ms. Ayotte foolishly thinks Ann Romney is her husband’s “secret weapon”:

“She really relates to people,” she said. “I think she’s terrific”…if Ann and his daughters-in-law are on the stump, Romney will come ahead in the general.

The only people Ann Romney and her daughters-in-law can relate to are his 1% base, and that’s already sewn up. Perrspectives puts it in perspective:

“Mitt Romney has a very large problem with women voters. So, it comes as no surprise that the Romney camp has deployed an army of women surrogates including South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte to tout his wife Ann as a “secret bullet” and “secret weapon” to narrow the GOP frontrunner’s daunting gender gap.

Sadly for Mitt, that effort may come to naught, and not just because the aloof CEO declared that his wife “reports to me” what American women care about. As it turns out, Ann Romney only cements the unbreakable image of her husband as an out-of-touch opportunist who will say anything to get elected. And as a willing accomplice in his gymnastic reversal on abortion rights, Ann has helped make flip-flopping a Romney family affair.”

You can check out more examples of Conservatives’ ignorance and denial (and some straight up lunacy) regarding women in these headlines as well:

Pat Robertson Tells Man to Tithe Against Wife’s Wishes because ‘You are the Boss’

Because what’s food and a roof over your head when you can be giving your money to one of the very “charitable institutions” Conservatives claim will pick up the gauntlet and help the disadvantaged when they yank the social safety nets.

A Trip to Crazy Town: CNN’s Dana Loesch Calls Liberals Fascists

FYI – The Affordable Care Act would ensure Dana gets her meds.

Wisconsin Republican Lawmaker: ‘Women Make Less Than Men Because Money Is More Important To Men’    (Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin’s own idiot mascot strikes again.)

Keep Up The Good Fight !

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