Romney steals campaign slogan from Democrat

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In Romney’s victory speech last night he revealed some of the plans he once said he would not reveal for fear of being defeated in November. Attacking unions, public schools, the social safety net, and protecting his wealthy pals to name a few.

Romney: A Better AmericaHe also revealed his campaign slogan, “A Better America”. If that sounds familiar to you, its because it was the idea of Democrat Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post. In 2004, Huffington authored Fanatics and Fools, The Game Plan for Winning Back America. In the book she details her plan:

For government to do its part in turning this moral vision into reality, the Democratic nominee must flesh it out with a comprehensive agenda that resets the country’s priorities. Here’s my suggestion: Let’s take a page from the GOP playbook of 1994 and offer up not a “Contract with America” but a “New Contract for a Better America.”

Its too bad the Romney team wasn’t creative enough to come up with an original slogan. What’s next? “Change we can believe in”?

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