The Idiots and the Oddities: Campaign Notes April 23, 2012

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Your Weekly Dose of Conservative Nonsense

According to The National Journal: prior to giving a speech to the Republican National Committee on Friday, Mitt Romney held  a private reception,

“…for RNC members who have pledged to support his campaign at the convention in Tampa, Fla. To gain access and get a photograph taken, RNC members had to sign a pledge promising to vote for Romney.”

Three unpledged Iowa delegates were literally escorted out by Ben Ginsberg, a Romney lawyer.

“But not to worry: South Carolina National Committeewoman Cindy Costa intervened and made sure the Iowa delegation got their photos taken after the reception.”

Vanquished to the kids’ table, I guess; that’s pathetic, even for Mitt. “You’ll vote for me? Cross your heart and hope to die?”

Sorry to tell you this, but Americans will have to muddle through deciding who to vote for in November on their own; according to The Huffington Post, Joe Lieberman isn’t going to endorse a candidate.

“I’m going to try to stay out of this one,”…

“Lieberman also declined to say whether he would vote for Obama or likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney.”

Well yeah, that would kind of be like an endorsement, no? He’s probably made the right choice since his endorsement usually represents the kiss of death for a candidate. (Gore, Kerry, McCain…) Joe can just ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again as far as I’m concerned.

Everybody seems to be wondering when Rick Santorum will endorse Mitt Romney; after all, he did say he’d get behind the GOP nominee. (Get your minds out of the gutter) But how exactly is he supposed to explain a Romney endorsement now? Maybe he can use some of these statements:

  • “Pick any other Republican in the country. He is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama…”
  • “I heard Governor Romney here called me an economic lightweight because I wasn’t a Wall Street financier like he was. Do you really believe this country wants to elect a Wall Street financier as the president of the United States, do you think that’s the kind of experience that we need? Someone who’s going to take and look after as he did his friends on Wall Street and bail them out at the expense of main street America?”
  • “He glosses over and doesn’t even tell the truth. … Here is a guy who is the ultimate flip-flopper running for president…”
  • “We might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk with what may be the Etch A Sketch candidate of the future…”

No…I think the endorsement thing might be a little iffy at this point, but thanks from the bottom of Democrats’ hearts Rick; maybe after the election the DNC will pay off your remaining campaign debt for you, it’s the least they could do.

Newt Gingrich is diddling fiddling while his “small business” empire burns. As Politico noted back in November,

“…months after Gingrich stepped away from his businesses and groups to run for president, some of his enterprises have struggled: one major group folded, another is on the brink and a third is reportedly considering a sale.”

This is a guy who has touted himself as a successful small business owner as one of the reasons Americans should vote for him, stating:

“If the U.S. government was as debt-free as I am, everybody in America would be celebrating.”

According to Bloomberg,

“The former U.S. House speaker’s time on the campaign trail has led to the shuttering of two businesses that generated $107 million in income during the last 10 years and helped him accrue at least $7.3 million in assets. His campaign is struggling, bouncing a $500 check for the filing fee in the June 26 Utah primary, and amassing almost $4.5 million in debt.”

Mr. Fiscal Responsibility” as Firedoglake aptly referred to him,

“…has now come under fire from tax activist groups as well who can’t help but point out the fiscal irresponsibility of Gingrich’s continued use of Secret Service protection…

Gingrich has the “Camp David” package of Secret Service, which includes but is not limited to six cars, six federal agents, four state troopers at a campaign stop, four local agents when the candidate arrives and a press agent if there is a press bus, a person with knowledge of the Gingrich campaign said. Although the cost to keep the Secret Service detail on the Gingrich campaign couldn’t be determined, it includes agents’ meals, hotel stays, transportation and salary.”

And Newt is even stiffing the small business owners he has championed during his campaign:

“…many vendors listed in Gingrich’s Federal Election Commission debt disclosures said they’re still waiting to be paid, weeks or months after finishing work. Several said they’ve been given the runaround by campaign officials as they’ve tried to collect.”

Newt, you’re making a fool of yourself, buddy. It was bad enough when you announced that you would be the nominee, then unlike any candidate before you had to devote an entire section of your campaign site to “answering attacks” about 28 instances of flip-flopping and questionable personal and professional ethics lapses.

Now you’ve become a laughing stock, and burned most of your bridges on the way. You blew your chance to be a respected statesman years ago; it’s time to quit your campaign, buy Callista something nice at Tiffany’s for enduring the embarrassment, and head home…on a commercial flight please.

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