The Republican War On Women: Headlines For April 17, 2012

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As Anderson Cooper would say, “We’re Keeping them honest”. Republicans are trying desperately to convince voters that the War on Women was created by Democrats; our series proves it’s been ongoing in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures since before the 2010 midterms.

So far I’ve focused on the contraception debate due to the sheer volume of daily headlines on the matter; but it’s time to talk about how the Republican War on Women encompasses our partners and families, as well as our jobs, retirement, education, housing, and respect.

On Friday, April 20, I will be publishing an extensive look at the Republican War on Women; how it has impacted our lives, and will continue to adversely affect women and their families if we do not issue a mandate in 2012.

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Now for recent headlines:

Arizona Lawmakers Trying To Legislate Pregnancy Two Weeks Prior To Conception

“Arizona  lawmakers are writing a 20-week abortion ban that, [like those in other states] seeks to legislate pregnancy as beginning at the first day of a woman’s period.”

Iowa Republican Wants To Force Recipients Of Child Support To Be Drug Tested

This little piece of proposed legislation is the Prime Example of how little thought goes into Republican knee-jerk legislation. This bill was introduced because 1, I  Repeat  1, of  Iowa Republican Senator Mark Chelgren’s constituents,

“…wanted to force his ex-wife to take a drug test because he believes she was using child support money to buy drugs.”

That’s how Republicans “support” mothers.

Bill Zedler thinks the new abortion reporting requirements he’s “requested” from the Texas Department of State Health Officials are necessary…Zedler requested that DSHS put in place these new reporting requirements despite the repeated failure to pass a law mandating them.

“… [The Texas] DSHS seems happy to act on behalf of one individual legislator.”

“It’s just amazing that when the Republicans have a super majority in the legislature and something like this amendment doesn’t pass even with a Republican super majority,” says [Amy Hagstrom Miller, the founder of Whole Woman’s Health in Austin], “that [Rep. Zedler] still has the guts to actually put pressure on the health department and bypass that political forum, to make the very changes that our elected offiicals weren’t prepared to make.”

Miss. Gov. Bryant Signs Bill Aimed at Closing Last Abortion Clinic in State

“Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) on Monday signed into law a bill (HB 1390) that could force the state’s only abortion clinic to close…Bryant said he was not worried about potential legal repercussions…

“If it closes that clinic, then so be it,” he said, adding, “Today you see the first step in a movement, I believe, to do what we campaigned on — to say we’re going to try to end abortion in Mississippi.”

It’s time Republicans see the first step in a totally different movement – the one to Dump Them All!

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