Another Romney Triumph! Chen Guangcheng Lands In America

Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist whose escape from house arrest in China to the American embassy led to weeks of consternation and diplomatic wrangling has arrived in the United States of America.

Readers may recall how Mitt Romney pontificated upon the administration’s handling of the Chen case calling it a “dark day for freedom and a day of shame for this administration”.

The result of Obama’s shame and freedom hating is that less than 3 weeks after Romney’s villification of the administration over this particular diplomatic kerfuffle Chen has taken up residence in New York City.  Shame Mr. President… SHAME!

Of course if Romney had been president we can rest assured that his chest thumping right wing bellicosity and threatening posture would have brought Chen to freedom in only 1 week, rather than a whole 3 weeks.   So congratulations to Mitt Romney for proving himself so prescient on international affairs and winning yet another go around with this administration.  We all wait with bated breath for Romney’s next demonstration of superior international gamesmanship.

If I were still in Jr. High I’d probably take to calling Mitt Romney Mitt Wrongney.  But he’d probably get his gang of buddies to jump me and give me a super wedgie or something, so maybe it’s a good thing I’m not in Jr. High…

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