In Touch With President Obama

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Yesterday the NY Times reported on the touching story of a 5 year old boy wondering if the President’s hair felt like his own.

As we might expect of Barack Obama, his answer to the young boy was to bend over and let the boy feel for himself.  That touch was real in the physical sense and the metamorphic sense.  It was a profound example of Obama’s understanding of the need of the American people to reach out to him and know that he is real.  It was a young boy’s need to know that the President of the United States, was a person just like him.

Mitt Romney is out of touch as illustrated by his comments about the economic issues that affect women, his hob-knobbing with owners of cars at NASCAR, or his offer of a $10,000.00 bet to resolve a political difference with Rick Perry.

Imagine the response of Mitt Romney if he were President and asked by a boy if his hair felt the same way as the boy’s.

Romney might say:

1. I don’t know. I never touch my hair. You’d have to ask my stylist. 

2. I’ll bet you $10,000 dollars mine is softer than yours.

3. Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t.

4. You can’t touch my hair, but do you want a cookie?

5. Hair is a person too, and under the U.S. Constitution it has the right to life.

6.You look like you need a hair cut!   

7. You can touch my hair after you wash your hands, since you just finished playing with Seamus. 

8. You can’t touch my hair but my elevator operator will give you a free ride in one of my cars.

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