Mission Accomplished, Bitch!

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I cannot agree more with my colleagues Marc and Malia; it drives the radical right batshit crazy, but President Obama is the strongest President on foreign policy and national security since FDR. And following the faux outrage (insert bullshit) from the radical right, let me take Marc’s post title a step further:

obama kills bin laden - mission accomplished, bitch!

I watched the President speak from the heart to the troops in Afghanistan today, and then watched his address to the nation tonight. Of course, President Obama was his usual self; presidential, in command of the details, confident but modest, passionate, empathetic, and (to my great disappointment) he downplayed his greatest national security victory – getting Bin Laden – in order to appease Republicans and the mainstream media (mainstream is a lie – they cave-in to their conservative owner’s agendas most of the time and throw out the false equivalences like candy).

But the usual mouthpieces of the right-wing, neo-con, propaganda machine had the nerve to criticize Obama last night and throughout the day today in a transparently desperate attempt to downplay his accomplishments in foreign policy and national security, a mere six months before the election. There was the crazy old man, Johnny McCain (sorry, but I don’t respect him – he’s a prick and even Republicans know it): he made a statement that seemed like a low-blow, saying “Heroes don’t brag”.  He actually called Obama a “hero“? Where was the MSM focus on that? Then there was Ed Gillespie, the former RNC chair who whined like a little girl because he felt that Obama was “politicizing” the killing of Bin Laden. But as Steve Kornacki of Salon put it:

 When Republicans make it, its hard to take the politicization charge too seriously, given the relentless appropriation of 9/11 that defined the Bush-era GOP’s domestic political strategy. At the height of the 2004 campaign, for instance, Vice President Dick Cheney all but declared that the election of John Kerry would bring about another terrorist attack on American soil:

“It’s absolutely essential that eight weeks from today, on Nov. 2, we make the right choice, because if we make the wrong choice then the danger is that we’ll get hit again and we’ll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States.”

Measured against this, Obama’s video and Biden’s line are almost tame. After all, the question the Obama team is raising about Romney is basically a fair one. Back in 2007, during his first White House campaign, Romney said of bin Laden, “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.” By contrast, during that same campaign, Obama promised that he’d move against top tier al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan if he had “actionable intelligence,” even if Pakistan’s government didn’t sign off on the mission. [Which Romney said was “ill-advised” and “ill-considered” and he did not “concur” with Obama.] Questioning how a President Romney would have handled bin Laden seems defensible.

“Seems defensible”??? These are Romney’s actual words! [Cue Sarah Palin: Using Romney’s own words against him … that’s just gotcha media]

If Bush had cared enough to find and kill Bin Laden (remember he said “I truly am not that concerned about him“), Karl Rove would have scheduled prime-time events with fireworks and top country music stars singing God Bless America in the background.

Lets not forget the multi-million dollar staging of a photo-op with Dubya in a Navy jet landing on an aircraft carrier and speaking in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner.

Bush multi-million dollar photo-op

No politicizing, there.

And then there’s Rudy Giuliani’s unending repetition of “9/11” during the 2008 presidential campaign (no politicizing there, either), following years of Giuliani profiting from the tragedy to the tune of a reported $60 million.

rudy giuliani makes $60 million profiting from 9/11 tragedy

The President’s competence and skill drives the radical right nuts. Democrats are supposed to be weak on foreign policy, but now that the roles have reversed Republicans are scrambling to prevent the President and Democrats from celebrating their accomplishments and explaining the truth to voters. Not the fiction the right would have Americans believe, the truth. The President and Democrats have earned the right to celebrate their accomplishments, to tell the nation that today’s Democrats are foreign policy and national security experts, and to brag about getting rid of the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. The Republican Tea Party will just have go back to attacking the President on the economy … oh, wait … 25 straight months of job growth, unemployment down to 8.2% … looks like they’ll have to find yet another line of attack.

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