Rick Perry Back to Doing His Republican Duties

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I don’t even know what words to use to describe this latest Rick Perry/Texas Conservatives move – vindictive? ignorant? arrogant? Just pure GOP? Pick one, they all apply.

First, Rick Perry and his Texas cronies refuse to allow Planned Parenthood to participate in the state’s Women’s Health Program. According to American Prospect,

“…last session, conservative lawmakers barred Planned Parenthood from the federal program because of its ties to abortion. (For the record, in Texas the program only serves women who aren’t pregnant and public dollars do not fund abortion services.)my emphasis

Because of the decision, the state has lost federal support for the program, a big loss since the feds paid 90 percent of the program costs. Since then, Governor Rick Perry has promised to find funding for the program—a challenge given the state’s serious budget troubles—and officials have outlined a plan for a state-run version…”

In an interview filmed by the Texas Tribune, Perry had this to say:

“The issue is, is the Federal Government gonna respect Texas’s sovereign rights to decide who’s gonna deliver these programs?…

our legislature has spoken…by an overwhelming majority, both the House and the Senate said that we’re not gonna use Planned Parenthood…to deliver these services, that issue is settled. ..

We believe in the 10th Amendment; we believe in the sovereignty of the states to decide these issues…

This program’s not goin’ away; those people out there that are sayin’ we’re gonna kill this program, well they’re just dead wrong.” This is our money, whether it comes from the federal government or where it comes from…”

Kind of an odd take on the money thing, even for Perry.

Next, Planned Parenthood takes Texas to court, seeking an injunction, and a judge rules:

“…Texas cannot exclude Planned Parenthood from its Women’s Health Program…”

According to the Austin American-Statesman:

“The ruling by U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel was a victory for Planned Parenthood that may prove short-lived. State officials have warned that they would have to cancel the Women’s Health Program if Planned Parenthood prevailed in its lawsuit.

According to Tom Suehs, executive director of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, state law bans abortion providers and their affiliates – specifically Planned Parenthood – from participating in the program.”

Then as Raw Story reported:

“Just hours after a federal court issued an injunction against Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s plan to revoke public funding for Planned Parenthood, a judge on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans knocked that ruling down and permitted the state to proceed — at least for now.

Judge Jerry Smith gave Planned Parenthood until 5 p.m. on Tuesday to respond to the state’s appeal.”

Perry and his pals have rigged the state’s law so that Planned Parenthood can’t win either way; and this guy’s talking about running for President again in 2016. The first line of his Republican resume will be,

“Proudly ended healthcare program for approximately 130,000 women – just because I could.”

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