Walker’s allies as dirty as ever

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I’ve seen this story in the liberal/progressive blogosphere but BlueCheddar.net took the time to delve into it a little further.

walker's anti-teacher flyer in janesville school districtIt appears that Scott Walker’s allies, in a desperate attempt to attack all enemies of the crooked Walker, sent out an anti-teacher flyer for the Janesville School District that names teachers who signed recall petitions and lists their salaries, as well. The flyer ends with a phony opt-out for right-wing parents to request for their child a “non-radical teacher during the 2012-13 school year”.

From BlueCheddar.net:

The [flyer] author doesn’t make clear who he is. But a radio report on 1230 WCLO says that the only person to make a public records request of the Janesville District recently for the sort of information in the blue flyer was Orville Seymer.

At first I assumed that Orville Seymer, a CRG Network Field Operations Director, ran the ad. To double-check, I put in a call to Chris Kliesmet of CRG (Citizens of Responsible Government). He said that CRG helps citizens make open records requests and Orville helped a citizen make the request to get teacher salary information. He said CRG helps citizens pro bono and helps them stay anonymous adding that CRG has been doing this service for 10 years. I told him that although I understand the importance of open government, I am troubled by what happens when records are used against individuals in a politically charged environment. I didn’t record the call but took notes including this phrase Chris used to dismiss me, “Democracy is a contact sport”.

Orville Seymer is technically doing “non-partisan” records work. Right-o. Can you guess who he stands with?

“Orville Seymer of Milwaukee helped hold up a 10-foot pro-Walker sign in the rain and frigid temperatures. “We’re supporting the removal of collective bullying,” he said in April of 2011 to a Waukesha Freeman reporter.

Buzzflash is also reporting that 5 Milwaukee-area talk radio shows are giving Walker supporters an average of 50 minutes of free air time daily while giving Walker’s opponents seconds. The Media Action Center has been monitoring the stations:

Sue Wilson, Media Action Center founder, director of the media reform film Broadcast Blues, and author of the “Walker Recall Talk Radio Report,” says this extreme imbalance in the 60 days before an election is not only unfair, it violates the law and FCC rules. “Radio stations must offer comparable time to candidates under Section 315 of the Communications Act, and to supporters of candidates under the Zapple Doctrine. WISN and WTMJ management are fully aware of this; even their own Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has warned them about it.”

Supporters of Tom Barrett have been writing WISN and WTMJ asking for comparable time as the Federal Communication Commission requires. WTMJ has denied them time; WISN has just not responded.

The Media Action Center has contacted the FCC.

Sad that the radical right will sink so low. They always claim they will preserve our “freedoms”; apparently, that means the freedom to prevent free and fair elections. And they claim Obama’s a dictator?

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