Obamacare vs. Romneycare vs. Sarah Palin Who Doesn’t Care

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The first question you should ask yourself is “Why is anyone even talking to Sarah Palin about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act?”  Without doubt she is clueless about Constitutional Law.  There were 24 cases  EVERY Presidential candidate should know, and now there are 25.  Palin knows one: Roe v. Wade.

Yet Fox News asked Palin to comment on the Supreme Court’s decision.  :  Not surprisingly  she used this as an opportunity, not to discuss the constitutional issues presented  by the case, but instead to talk about the next election.  She called on Mitt Romney to make repealing the health care law a priority.

Mitt Romney gave this statement about “Obamacare.”

Initially Romney declared that on his first day as President he would repeal “Obamacare.”  Of course that is ridiculous.  Only Congress can pass a law to repeal another law.  Romney failed, as Palin did, to cite anything about the reasoning of the Supreme Court that was improper, or with which he disagreed.  Yet, the most amazing part of his speech was that he recognized the need for nationalized health care.  He said that 1) Americans should be able to keep their current insurance.  2) He would mandate that people be able to receive care even if they had a “preexisting condition.”  3) Every American should have access to affordable care.  4) Insurance premiums are too high and should be lowered.  His plan for how he would accomplish these priorities was : _______________________________________________________________.

Contrast that to Sarah Palin’s plan which was :  _______________________________________________________________.

The truth is that, ironically, “Obamacare” is modeled off of “Romneycare”.  As Governor of Massachusetts Romney created government mandated health insurance for every citizen of Massachusetts.  Listen to Mitt Romney:

A.  Here he explains the health insurance mandate that he was signing into law for Massachusetts.  He explains that the model was that of a professor at MIT.  That was the same model used by President Obama.

B.  In this interview of Romney by Bret Baier, Romney can distinguish his plan in Massachusetts from “Obamacare” only by the fact that his plan was effective for the state over which he governed, instead of the entire country.  As President he would govern the entire country, and there is no reason that the citizens of Massachusetts would or should have different goals than the citizens of the rest of the country.

C.  Romney explained here that nationalized health care would actually reduce spending.

D.  Other Republicans have criticized Mitt Romney for doing exactly the same thing that President Obama did regarding health care.  Remember Rick Santorum’s attacks?  Remember when he explained that there was “no difference” between “Obamacare” and “Romneycare.”

Remember when Rick Santorum identified 15 things that were the same between the two plans.

Glen Beck joined the attack on Romney, explaining that his plan was just like “Obamacare.”

Here is the video of the signing of the Massachusetts bill where Senator Kennedy and Mitt Romney recognized the importance of nationalized health care, and the work they  had done because they were committed to ensuring health care for all the people of Massachusetts.

Senator Ted Kennedy explained that enacting a form of Nationalized Health Care was the passion of his life.

Obama addressed Congress to read excerpts of the letter written by Ted Kennedy regarding the importance of nationalized health care.  President Obama described Senator Kennedy’s life and experience with two children who were stricken with cancer.  He described the horror of a parent telling their child that there is a treatment that could save their life, but the parent couldn’t afford it.

The truth is that Mitt Romney has a history of changing his positions to suit what he thinks he needs to say to get elected.

Sarah Palin has a history of saying anything that will get her noticed by the media and being unconcerned about the health and well being of anybody except herself.  Ted Kennedy was a Senator for 47 years, and died trying to ensure health care for every American citizen.  He was the fourth longest serving Senator in the country.   Sarah Palin is one of the shortest serving Governors in the history of the United States.

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