OWS is not our ally – Part II

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Part 2 in my ongoing series on why Dems should face the facts and acknowledge that the Occupy movement is not on our side, they hate us more than Republicans, and its time to focus our efforts on Dem-friendly groups to win in November.

Excerpts from an article at Occupy Los Angeles, just a few weeks ago:

As they’ve done so many times in the past, on Tuesday 6 November 2012 American voters will go to the polls to decide absolutely nothing. At least not at the presidential level, where electing either corporate-controlled Democratic puppet Obama or corporate-controlled Republican puppet.

After two disastrous terms with Dubya, Obama was sold to the Sheeple as “Change” incarnate in 2008. But what really changed?

Clearly the Democrats and Republicans have the same core agenda and answer to the same global elite, so voting for the candidates of either merely perpetuates their “two-party tyranny”.

Don’t waste any more time or energy on the presidential election than it takes to get to your polling station and pull a lever for a third-party candidate – just enough to register your obstruction and defiance – and then get back out onto the street. That is where the question of real power is being decided.

Delusions of grandeur – a delusion (common in paranoia) that you are much greater and more powerful and influential than you really are.

Some OWS members seem to think arrests, jail time and a conviction record is cool. Anyone thinking they have trouble finding a job out of college now should think about filling out their next job application and checking the box that asks, “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a felony?” Yeah, you’re that person now. And if you are working and you live in one of the 23 “right to work” states where you can be fired “for any reason or no reason at all”, better hope your boss doesn’t find out.

Democrats – Their message is clear; OWS is not our ally. Focus on our supporters, not on the haters.

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