Who’s Backing Mitt Romney?

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Making it even more apparent that Romney will prioritize Wall Street above Main Street, here’s a list of the top donors to this candidate in the 2012 election cycle:

  • Goldman Sachs  $573,080
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co  $415,075
  • Bank of America  $398,850
  • Morgan Stanley  $373,850
  • Credit Suisse Group  $317,410
  • Citigroup Inc  $301,550
  • Kirkland & Ellis  $248,052
  • Barclays  $228,400
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers  $214,250
  • Wells Fargo  $204,300
  • HIG Capital  $191,000
  • UBS AG  $190,500
  • Blackstone Group  $182,550
  • Bain Capital  $149,000
  • Marriott International  $132,827
  • EMC Corp  $129,200
  • Citadel Investment Group  $127,125
  • Elliott Management  $125,975
  • Deloitte LLP  $124,250
  • Bain & Co  $123,050

and the top industries:

  • Retired  $11,548,906
  • Securities & Investment  $8,516,436
  • Lawyers/Law Firms  $4,465,326
  • Real Estate  $4,148,400
  • Misc Finance  $2,835,888
  • Business Services  $1,930,068
  • Health Professionals  $1,759,584
  • Misc Business  $1,703,164
  • Commercial Banks  $1,652,119
  • Oil & Gas  $1,127,855
  • Insurance  $1,008,892
  • Misc Manufacturing Distributing  $898,409
  • Computers/Internet  $868,373
  • Education  $816,678
  • Accountants  $815,656
  • General Contractors  $800,559
  • Lobbyists  $655,426
  • Automotive  $625,413
  • Food & Beverage  $495,523
  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes  $489,245

It’s a deregulation match made in heaven.

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