Wisconsin Recall – Where was OWS?

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The loses in Wisconsin never should have happened. I’m asking the question:

Where was the Occupy movement? Did they vote?

I’ve seen comments in site after site where OWS supporters trash Democrats with even more vitriol than we hear from Republicans. And worst of all, they claim the only way to get their point across is to NOT vote for Democrats … to punish Obama and the Dems for caving into Republicans, or being the same as Republicans. We need to ask ourselves, “is this what happened in Wisconsin?”

We thought OWS wanted the same things Democrats want. We thought we saw growing support for Democrats, just as we did in the Wisconsin labor protests. Sadly, we were wrong. Its time for Democrats to openly admit the obvious fact that


As I posted on the May 1st International Workers Day General Strike, the OWS site was still using their false equivalency bullshit saying:

While American corporate media has focused on yet another stale election between Wall Street-financed candidates

Nonsense. Obama’s not responsible for the Republican-leaning Supreme Court’s decision on campaign financing (Citizen’s United). Expecting his campaign to refuse the millions they will need to defeat Republicans funded by billionaires is childish fantasy.

Here’s a perfect example of OWS hatred for all things Democrat: In this post by Mother Jones, Why Occupy Should Be The Left’s Tea Party, I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince the readers that they would be guaranteeing a Republican sweep by deliberately refusing to vote with Dems. Imagine a Republican White House, Republican majorities in the House and Senate, joined by the right-leaning Supreme Court and all but guaranteeing Republican nominees for future Supreme Court vacancies. They do not care! They preach anarchy and being militant. They claim to want change, but if you hate everyone on both sides, who will work with you for change?

In MoJo, and many other sites, I’ve seen comments like these:

Even though I want what OCCUPY, MOVE ON, and Progressives all want, I will not waste time with them, until a large percentage of them become militants. Only fools and cowards believe that America’s plutocracy and fascist military machine can be changed let alone defeated, without blood. Anytime in history and around the world today, and terror and tyranny are replaced with justice and liberty, blood flows.

Both parties the Democrats and the Republicans are 100% identical, absolutely no difference what so ever, they are empty shells waiting to be filled with candidates. Who those candidates are, will define both political parties, who selects the candidates will define define both political parties, by the time the election happens the people have already lost and the corporations have already won.

Democrats DO fear what Occupy can do – deplete Obama and the corporate Democrats of their all-volunteer unpaid even in this recession army, encourage would-be Dem voters to organize for something substantial and forget voting, send them into the streets instead

Ultimately, OWS is right to fear being co-opted by Obama supporters. Card carrying Obama supporters necessarily ignore all of the horrible disgusting policies implemented by his administration.

Having attended the May Day rally in New York and been gratified that the liberal stench that clung to so many of the earlier OWS events seems to have dissipated, I think there is very little risk of anyone who matters giving a flying fuck what Mother Jones thinks Phase 2 should be.

Occupy and the class struggle to which it has given voice are far from dead. The bullshit call on the whole racket is just starting. The Democrats are in for a rough ride.

YOU dumb asses are in for a rough ride. You think you had to worry about Bush/Cheney? Romney’s advisers are the same Neo-Cons from the Bush/Cheney administration that lied us into war! Republican control of all branches of government will be the closest thing to a police state we’ve ever had. They won’t put-up with protests. They have been privatizing prisons across the country. For Romney and his pals, its PROFIT over PEOPLE. Locking up OWS protesters would be immensely PROFITABLE!

My fellow Democrats, its time to face the facts. OWS does not support Democrats. They have been very clear about that. We can’t rely on them in November. They are not our allies. Its time to stop kissing their asses and start focusing on alternatives.

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  • I am so astounded at the stupidity in Wisconsin, I don’t even know how to put it into words.

  • I think it was a combination of:

    1. OWS supporters who have decided Obama screwed them, or worked with the right too often, or Democrats are the same as Republicans, so they refuse to vote for Democrats or are determined to send a message.

    2. Wisconsin is famous, or infamous, for election fraud. Like that woman who works for Waukesha county who magically found thousands of votes that put Republicans over the top, 3 times now.

    3. Adding-on #2, 15 wards in Milwaukee country reported running out of voting ballots. Milwaukee is overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Wisconsin was already evenly split and #1 was the death nail (or death knell). Add to that the Republican efforts to suppress votes and election fraud and Dems had no chance. The radical right used Wisconsin as a testing ground for stealing the November election.

  • I find all of the above surprising considering that OWS is a Progressive creation that was intended to be used as a tool by Progressives. Ironic though is that these useful idiots, i.e., tools of Marxist/Fascist propaganda has turned on its messiah/lord and masters thus biting its creator in the arse.

    Said failure to control the message, Progressive leaders and politicians are distraught over the fact that these spoiled children refuse to be controlled.

    Not to worry though, they still have much in common with their makers in that they blame and accuse everyone else of that which they themselves are guilty. Thus Progressives should be comforted by that revelation if nothing else.

  • Its a ridiculous conspiracy theory by the right to conclude that progressive leaders created the Occupy movement. Unlike the truly corporate Tea Party, Occupy was grassroots in the sense that it was started by lots of young people pissed off at the world who have no corporate backers but have access to free social media (without social media, this would have ended long ago). OWS protesters claim they want the same things Dems want and they enjoy pointing out that they have Dems and repukes in their protests, but they reject all parties out of spite. This all but guarantees no results. You have to work within the system to change the system. Otherwise, you’re just protesting as a full-time hobby (or I suspect, in some cases, the guys do it to meet girls).

  • Richard Norton

    I thought that the Democrats wanted the same things that they used to stand for. In the past few years I have been extremely disappointed in the voting record of my Democrat senators. I have felt quite betrayed by the Obama administration. They have totally ignored those who worked hard to get him elected in favor of the Republicans.

    With that said, I am very worried about Romney being elected due to a potentially low turn out of young people. However, the Obama Campaign will need to give them a reason to get out and vote. So far, I haven’t seen the Democrats giving these young people a reason to get out and vote.

    • Bluebelle51

      As someone who voted for Obama before and been so severely disappointed that I came out to Occupy, in the vague hope that Democrats would listen, I can tell you that I cannot vote against my conscience. I will not uphold the same broken system that allows only corporate controlled candidates to reign supreme. If it means that the right wing of the corporations own the government, then maybe that alone will push people into actual action to take back control. Under Obama, I have been poisoned by BP with their corexit, I have been denied healthcare because I am poor, I have been denied work because of my religion and I have been spied on and wiretapped because I am a protester. All of these things and more Obama promised to DO something about. Meanwhile he is allowing his corporate and foreign owners (don’t even get me started on all the foreign “policy” crap he has pulled off) to run rough shod over the very people who elected him. 

      While the prospect of Republican rule is frightening, the idea that no one will hold Obama to account for his actions and failures, is even MORE frightening. 

  • Great points Richard. Its nice to seed a reasonable comment for a change.

    There are things Obama has done or not done that have disappointed me as well. But you have to admit, after the first 6 months or so into his presidency, the radical right made it impossible for him to get anything decent accomplished. He had to give into them on so many fronts. The President had to agree to nearly 600 Republican amendments to the ACA just to get enough Republicans to join, and in the end the majority of the right wing voted against it. And now we know that Gingrich met with Republican leaders on the day of Obama’s inauguration and planned to obstruct everything he tried to do. The President is in an impossible situation.

    And on your point about the youth vote, its a very valid point. But unlike the right wing where everyone must march in lock-step, the Democratic Party is diverse and its impossible to please everyone. So the Prez and Dems must do what they can to please the most Dems. This guarantees many lefties will be upset, for one reason or another.

    Some of the criticisms of the Prez have been unfair, like the claims that he’s a Wall Street candidate no different than Republicans. He’s constantly criticized by those on the right who say he’s anti-business. If he wants to beat Republicans, and that should be what we all want, he has no choice but to work with big business. Some also criticize him for appointing people with ties to Wall Street. But who else is qualified for positions with the Fed or the SEC? Someone who knows nothing about it?

    I always say that diversity is the Democratic Party’s greatest strength and greatest weakness. It would be much easier if all Dems worked together, like Republicans. But we don’t, and that always pisses-off somebody. But this idea that the youth is pissed at the current situation so they should show their anger by voting third-party – it has to be clear to them and everyone else that this would split the Dem vote and hand control of the entire government to Republicans. I know they know this, because many comments say they will do this to “punish Democrats”. This will punish ALL of us. But it sounds like some want the status quo so they can continue with the anarchy and mayhem. Its like Occupy is their new, full-time hobby.

    The election is 5 months away. We don’t have time for this divisiveness on the left. The deadlines have passed for getting a third-party candidate on the November ballot. So I guess Occupy will stay home? I just don’t get it.