Flippity Floppity Flue, Romney Was Not Bain CEO When He Actually Was But Retroactively Was Not

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Marc touched on the most recent (and one of the most humorous) Romney flip flop in his post What Is Romney Hiding?  The explanatoin that Romney “retired retroactively” is such an obvious flim flam that I actually feel embarrassed for Romney supporters. 

Beyond the silliness of retroactive retirement, (did Romney retroactively pay back his salary?!) this tortured reasoning by the Romney camp is one of the biggest examples of Romney flip floppery imaginable.  Not only does he flip flop in his opinions, he actually is trying to flip flop on his own biography!   He was not the CEO, but he was, but he retroactively was not?  I mean take a side man! 

For a presidential candidate trying to shake the impression that he is an inveterate flip flopper, today’s events can only be seen as an unmitigated disaster.   Unfortunately for his campaign Romney can’t take an etch a sketch to SEC filings.  Trying to wiggle wiggle wiggle out of this mess is only serving to get him in deeper.

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