Portraying the struggle to defend and explain Romneycare

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Since the Supreme Court upheld the mandate in “Obamacare”, I’ve read posts and comments from numerous right-wing bloggers and their followers trying desperately to defend and explain “Romneycare” as something other than the blueprint for the Affordable Care Act. Rather than rehash all of those arguments in this post, I thought it might be fun to browse the political cartoons on poor, old Mittens and his Massachusetts health care plan. Note: There are 17 more cartoons after the fold:

radical right struggles to defend romneycare

romney can't tell difference between romneycare and obamacare

romney: had to repeal and replace myself for romneycare

roberts calls romney: we've upheld your healthcare plan

right wing against obama part of obamacare

romney twisted into a prezel trying to explain romneycare versus obamacare

replace obamacare with romneycare?

can science explain difference between romneycare and obamacare?

romney running from romneycare record

romney running from romneycare record

dna proves romney father of obamacare

ancestry.com finds romney is father of obamacare

Evil Doctor romney and mr romney care

romney's chickens come home to roost: romneycare, bain capital, hidden offshore wealth

romney as moby dick, romneycare as the whale

romney riding on a romneycare donkey

romneycare: romney's pre-existing condition

romney waiting for advisors on his health care plan

obamacare to cover badly beaten right wing

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