Would Mitt Romney Install a Second Bush White House?

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Mitt Romney is keeping some unsettling company these days; according to Reuters,

“From policy advisers to campaign strategists, more than two dozen veterans of the Bush administration have flocked to Romney’s campaign.” Romney’s campaign is “a restoration of the Bush establishment,” said former Bush speechwriter Matt Lattimer, who is not supporting Romney. Bush loyalists “all want to be back in power again, and Romney’s the best bet.”

Remember the Grover Norquist speech where he essentially said all they needed was a President to do what he was told?

Some of the key Bush people already on board with Romney include:

  • Glenn Hubbard, architect of the Bush-era tax cuts
  • Michael Chertoff, the former homeland security chief
  • Margaret Spellings, secretary of education under Bush
  • Rod Paige, another Secretary of Education under Bush (Paige you might remember, called the nation’s largest group of school teachers a “terrorist organization,” and rejected American public schools for lacking “the values of the Christian community.”)
  • Ed Gillespie, Counselor to the President, Bush Administration
  • John Bolton, Former U.N. Ambassador

In addition,

“of “Romney’s 24 special advisors on foreign policy, 17 served in the Bush-Cheney administration.”

If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will. On top of that, he’s got Dick Cheney throwing him fund raisers, and Karl Rove cheer-leading for him on Fox News.

Foreign Policy. com points out:

“…the policies that Romney has advocated — like indefinitely leaving our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example — are continuations of the Bush-Cheney doctrine, version 2.0.

…the recklessness of Dick Cheney is clearly reflected in the foreign policies that Romney has advocated so far on the campaign trail.”

Recklessness can be found in most of Romney’s policies including economic, education, and healthcare to name a few. The people Romney is aligning himself with are many of the same people responsible for the mess that Obama inherited. Obviously Mitt’s not much of an ideas man after all; he’s just more dangerous than we thought.

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  • My answer is, absolutely. The radical right is 100% sure that this is their opportunity to take back White House and Congress. The old Bush crowd is giddy with excitement. They will do anything to ensure total victory, and I do mean anything.

    Its an amazing story. The neo-cons were thrown out on their asses by a nation that was tired of the Bush/Cheney era of lies, corruption, crony-capitalism, vulture capitalism, and a bogus war with an unimaginable cost in lives and borrowed money. They, wealthy Republicans, literally gambled with everyone’s money and were soley responsible for crashing the world economy. And many people in this country are just dumb enough to put them back in control; to give them a second chance at stealing our money to amass even greater fortunes. For God sakes, Romney’s record at Bain is clear. The anti-labor agenda of Scott Walker and the Koch brothers is clear. Paul Ryan’s screw-the-poor/reward-the-rich budget is clear. Michigan Governor Snyder’s “emergency powers” law that wipes out entire local governments, seizes control of local services and hands local taxpayer money to private, Republican-owned firms is a model for what the radical right can do to the entire country. But there are working-class conservatives who just refuse to see it; refuse to see that they are about to get screwed by Republicans, again.

    In the end, stupid people get what they deserve.