Allen West is a Communist

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Allen West spends his time claiming Democrats are Communists, when in-fact West is the closest thing we have in this country to Joseph Stalin.

Like Stalin, West claims to be for the common people but actually advocates for redistribution of wealth, stealing from the common people to pay for the lifestyles of a tiny elite. Like Stalin, West has a hate-filled style of speech, a blind devotion to a dangerous ideology, and an extremely volatile temper that leads one to believe he could kill millions of his own countrymen over ideology and feel no remorse.

If Stalin was alive, he and Allen West would surely be Communist buddies. They both have the same air of superiority, the same dangerously short fuse. But something tells me West’s story will have a violent end; he may hurt someone and go to prison, or take his own life. He strikes me as a violent coward so I’m betting on the latter.

allen west - communist stalin - allen west's model
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