WTFU! Romney Promises to Repeat the Mistakes of George W. Bush

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A Pew Research poll reports that Romney has taken a 4% point lead over Obama.  There was a reason George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were not invited to speak at the RNC. Their names were not even mentioned. Perhaps the Republicans were fearful that voters might remember that George W. Bush was ranked one of the 10 worst Presidents EVER! US News and World Reports ranked him #36 out of 42.  Bush earned that distinction through his failed policies in the areas of foreign policy, the economy, and human rights.  Under President Bush we lost: 

• The World Trade Center

• A piece of the Pentagon

• Five or six trillion dollars

• A doubled national debt

• Over six-thousand dead American soldiers and over forty-seven-thousand wounded (not to mention billions of dollars in weapons, supplies, and equipment blown up, wasted, or stolen)

• Untold numbers of Iraqis, Afghanis, and Pakistanis dead and wounded, and thousands of refugees

• The sympathy and the cooperation of almost every nation on the planet

• A big chunk of New Orleans

• The housing market

• Every amendment in the Bill Of Rights except the second

• A valuable CIA agent specializing in nuclear counter-proliferation

• Safe airline travel

• Safe food

• Safe water

• Safe, regulated exploration for and extraction of coal, oil, and gas

• Impartial climate science

• The integrity of the Justice and Interior departments

• Years of government research on climate change

• Eight years of stem cell research

• The nation’s moral standing on war crimes and torture

• Two million jobs

• Fair elections

• The integrity of the private property system

• Trillions of dollars swindled from Americans by banks you refused to regulate

• The Kyoto Treaty

• Three-thousand points off the Dow

Samuel Jackson sent a message: WTFU.

When this video was released the message seemed to be a commentary on the lack of people working for the Obama campaign. However Romney’s recent speech on foreign policy has brought to light, once again, the similarities between Bush and Romney.

1. Foreign Policy

Romney speaks of “Leadership” in the world. That is the term he uses for War! His attitude is that the United States should “lead” the democratic countries of the world to war against terrorist regimes.      Even President Bush said that his biggest regret of his presidency was the “intelligence failure” regarding the WMDs in Iraq. The war in Iraq cost America at least Three Billion dollars, and thousands of American lives.


The cost of the Bush tax cuts is not difficult to calculate. They cost the country$3.2 Trillion Dollars in revenue. It is undisputed that Romney proposes additional tax cuts. The only real question is whether his economic plan can break George Bush’s record loss of 800,000 jobs in one month.  The Bush-tax cuts alone are projected to cost the U.S. $1 Trillion dollars over the next decade. Romney would accentuate that loss by increasing the tax cut.

3. Human Rights

 George Bush has been heralded as one of the world leaders who not onlysanctioned, but promoted, the torture of criminals.  Bush has endorsed Romney . Romney has no regard for basic human rights. From his comments about the 47% of people who won’t vote for him, to his position on birth control, Romney has repeatedly shown himself to be against human rights for anyone except himself, and his donors. Here are just a few examples:

Romney endorses placing bugs in mosques, regardless of probable cause issues.

Romney believes that states have the right to ban contraception.

Romney opposes same sex marriage.  In fact he has said that he finds homosexuality to be “perverse and reprehensible.” 

Romney opposes the right to abortion, even if it is necessary to save a woman’s life.

In 2008 voters turned out to support Barack Obama with money, with their commitment of time, and with their votes. In the 2012 election Obama is running against a man who would return our country to the failed policies of George W. Bush, even though we now have proof of the disaster of those policies. WTFU!

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