Whitewashing the Newtown Tragedy

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The corporate media and the radical right haven’t been telling the truth. They would lead you to believe that the shooting in Newtown was a tragic accident in an otherwise peaceful little town … couldn’t be helped … the shooter was mentally ill and he happened to get into his mother’s collection of guns. However, the truth shows that this was a completely predictable, preventable event.

Myth #1: How could this happen in the sleepy little town of Newtown where people moved because it was safe?

Give me a break. Newtown had a huge gun problem for years. Newtown is the headquarters of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, reportedly the second largest gun lobby in the nation. There was a great deal of tension in the community between assault rifle “enthusiasts” and the rest of the community. Residents reported the continuous sound of gunfire and explosions in the area, as these enthusiasts were using explosives on their targets that would detonate when struck. It became such a public health concern that the police chief and the town board, many of whom were Republicans, tried to pass a safety ordinance for the sake of the citizens they were sworn to protect. But the assault rifle enthusiasts had the political support to force the town to drop the ordinance. In short, Newtown was a time bomb waiting to explode. No one should be surprised that it did.

Myth #2: The shooter was mentally ill and not responsible for his actions.

Its been widely reported that Adam Lanza had a mild form of Autism and possibly Asperger’s syndrome. Neighbors called him “odd” and that he appeared to have OCD. His mother pulled Adam out of school to home school him because, according to Adam’s aunt, she was unhappy with the school district’s plans for her son. He was a functioning Autistic person like many Autistic people in this country. He was not the person portrayed by the corporate media and right-wing who was so mentally ill that he could not function and did not realize what he was doing. An Autism support site informs us that “there is no evidence to suggest that those with autism or Asperger’s syndrome have a propensity to commit violent crimes.” Unfortunately, in addition to his mild Autism, he was brainwashed by a trusted person that one could argue was mentally ill, or in my opinion, evil …

Myth #3: The shooter’s poor mother. She did the best she could. Her son was mentally ill and just got into her guns.

This is the worst lie of all, as it seeks to cover the cause of the tragedy and the source of the brainwashing of America by the extreme, radical right. Democrats need to demand the truth from the corporate media, the radical right, AND our colleagues on the left. I was shocked to see our friends at Crooks and Liars perpetuating this lie of Nancy Lanza as a good mother who did the best she could and was not responsible for her son getting her gun (see Nancy Lanza – Rest in Peace). Here’s the real story as reported by her own family and others to numerous news sources (including TPM), paraphrased by me in my comment to the C&L story:

Nancy Lanza believed in a nightmarish vision of an economic apocalypse to be caused by Obama, as promoted by the likes of Glenn Beck and the NRA’s LaPierre. Her own family stated in numerous interviews since the tragedy that Nancy’s life revolved around prepping for Obama’s doomsday, stockpiling weapons and food, filling her son’s head with fear and hate, and taking him to the shooting range with the murder weapon to teach him how to murder those who would, according to her apocalyptic beliefs, attack their family to steal their canned goods. Nancy Lanza is no victim. She’s the instigator. Without her crazy ideology, her son would have just been “mildly Autistic”. Instead, he was an expert marksman with an assault rifle that was used to tear the flesh and bone from the tiny bodies of children, who was taught by his sick mother to distrust and hate others, in addition to dealing with his mild Autism. If Nancy Lanza had survived, she would have been charged with accessory to murder. The woman was evil.

Whitewashing the Newtown tragedy benefits the gun lobby and assault rifle enthusiasts. It disrupts and delays efforts to create sensible, meaningful gun control. It may ultimately lead to future tragedies, possibly even in Newtown, Connecticut.

Don’t allow the corporate media, the radical right, and even our friends on the left to whitewash the story. Spread the truth; share this post.

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    Who are the “Crooks and Liars” you write about? 

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    Who are the “Crooks and Liars” you write about?