Could Mitch McConnell Be the Next Extremist On the Way Out?

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If, like me, you’re sick of all things Mitch McConnell, you’ll be happy to learn that mitch-mcconnellPolitico reports there are fewer than 1 in 5 Kentucky voters who plan to vote for McConnell in the 2014 Congressional election.

Last month it was widely reported that Democrats and left-leaning groups were speaking with the Louisville Tea Party on teaming-up to defeat McConnell, with the Tea Party claiming Dems were ready to spend 7 figures against McConnell. I look at this as a win-win for Dems; voters will either reject the even more extreme Tea Party candidate for a Dem, or the teabagger will be elected and make news by attacking women and minorities, and will ultimately be marginalized by the Republican establishment. That’s certainly one way to go for Dems, and its an added bonus for me to hear them complain that’s its unfair. In my home state of Arizona, the right-wing runs fake Dem candidates against real Dems in primaries, so they have nothing to complain about.

However, the best way to get McConnell out is by betting on a candidate that’s sure to excite the Democratic base, like actress Ashley-Judd-could-run-for-SenateAshley Judd. She’s taking steps to “seriously explore” running for McConnell’s seat (although she’s also considering waiting until 2016 to run against teabagger favorite Rand Paul). Imagine the support of the famous Judd family, along with a number of actors and celebrities. Its also been reported that a number of labor unions are already behind her. This race could be fun to watch.

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