Friends Don’t Let Friends Veto Equality

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From Garden State Equality:

Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook have made major strides in the past few years, turning the world’s largest social network into a more open and inclusive place for the LGBT community. We find it deeply disappointing that now he chooses to support Governor Christie in his mission to suppress our rights. Let’s be clear – Governor Christie is the sole reason that New Jersey does not have marriage equality. Mr. Zuckerberg should know that every dollar donated to Governor Christie is a dollar donated to keeping New Jersey’s LGBT families in their current status as second class citizens – denied the fundamental freedom to marry the person that they love.

Today Garden State Equality is launching a grassroots advocacy campaign to persuade Mark Zuckerberg to abandon his fundraiser. We don’t understand why Mr. Zuckerberg would ally himself with a politician who would deny equality to so many New Jersey families. We need our tens of thousands of members to make their voices heard via email and social media.

Click the image link to email Zuckerberg on this important issue.

tell facebook founder to cancel his fundraiser with christie

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