John McCain – Still Wrong on Benghazi, Still a Crook

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John McCain is literally losing what’s left of his mind. Here’s an exchange between McCain and David Gregory on Sunday’s Meet the Press where McCain continued to make claims of a Benghazi coverup:

MCCAIN: We have had a massive coverup on the part of the administration.

GREGORY: I’m asking you, a coverup of what?

MCCAIN: Do you care….do you care, David….do you care, David….do you care….I’m asking you, do you care….I’m asking you, do you care whether four Americans died?

GREGORY: You said there is a coverup. A coverup of what? A coverup of what?

MCCAIN: Of the information concerning the deaths of four brave Americans.

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Yes, McCain is still beating that poor, dead horse all the way to Benghazi. I posted on his bogus claims back in November. Here it is again – give it a read and you’ll see that nothing has changed. But its a good chance to remind everyone that this crooked little man is the last person on earth who should be speaking on the subject of crimes and coverups.


John McCain – As Crooked As They Come
All Things Democrat. November 17, 2012

Reptilian Senator John McCain is wasting taxpayer money trying to push the widely discredited claim of an Obama Administration Benghazi scandal. Yes, its the same faux-scandal that led to Romney’s humiliation on national television during the second presidential debate. McCain and his right wing pal Lindsey Graham are doing everything they can to push the MSM to pay attention to the precise words used by the President and Susan Rice, U.N. Ambassador, to describe the attack on the embassy, at a specific time, in a specific place. As in Romney’s case, McCain is ignoring the facts from virtually everyone involved, including their precious (adulterer) General Petraeus, which are:

  1. The President called it “an act of terror” the day after the attack in a press conference at the White House.
  2. The President again called it “an act of terror” the next day on the campaign trail in Las Vegas.

The President labeled the attack as an act of terror from the beginning. Yet McCain and his ilk are ignoring the facts before them and trying to use the same “two weeks later” argument that proved to be a moment of humiliation for Romney in the second debate. And frankly, no one gives a rat’s ass if it was labeled “an act of terror” or “a terrorist attack” two days, two weeks or two months later.

As for McCain’s attacks on Susan Rice, the White House and the Pentagon have been clear from the start that she was reporting on the information that was available at the time. As General Petraeus testified, the remarks made by the U.N. Ambassador, “reflected the best intelligence at the time that could be released publicly“, which is important because the U.N. Ambassador was only given the unclassified document that omitted the fact that it was an act of terror. Petraeus said this was because the U.S. did not want to tip-off the terrorists as to what the U.S. knew. Petraeus signed off on the unclassified version to be presented to the public. So, as we were told from the beginning, Susan Rice only reported on the information she was given. The President was, in fact, out in front on the “act of terror” description.

The other lie McCain is using is a claim that the President did not give the embassy the security they needed. In fact, its John McCain, Lindsey Graham and their right wing colleagues in Congress who have gutted the funding for embassy security around the world.

If McCain thinks its OK to LIE to the entire country about our President and this faux-scandal, then I think its only fair to point out these absolute truths about John McCain’s criminal past:

  • John McCain is no war hero, he’s a war criminal. He admitted it himself to 60 minutes in 1997, where his exact words were, “I am a war criminal. I bombed innocent women and children.”
  • John McCain was directly involved in a savings and loan scandal with Charles Keating, poster boy for the Savings & Loan scandal at the end of of the 80’s. But McCain got off with no prison time.
  • John McCain is an adulterer. His wife waited for him all those years he was a POW. She could have easily ended their marriage and moved on, but she’s a better person than ol’ John. He returned from the war and then cheated on his wife. As Ross Perot described it, “After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.” Pretty low. As they say, once a cheater …
  • John McCain and his latest wife cheated on their taxes, deliberately committing tax fraud. From “McCain’s wife made a $359,000 investment in a strip mall with [Charles] Keating [saving and loan scandal posterboy] that was eventually sold for $15 million. McCain also admitted to committing tax fraud by intentionally filing false IRS returns that didn’t declare thousands of dollars in gifts from Keating.”


See what I mean? Same old bogus charges on Benghazi. No evidence to back them up. If anything, we should be investigating McCain and other Republicans for cutting funding for security at our embassies. That’s the real smoking gun. And were you surprised to learn more about the “maverick” John McCain? He’s a real sleazeball.

Please help me share this image with your friends and family through social media and by email. I’m sure McCain hoped that younger generations would never find out about his sordid past, but we’ll help educate the nation. And then contact McCain at his Senate office in Washington at 202-224-2235 and tell him to start putting our country ahead of his hatred for our President. Tell him to GET BACK TO WORK!

john mccain career criminal goes after our president

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